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Rome, marriage for the Marquis Massimiliano Latorre

  Rome, wedding for the Marò Massimiliano Latorre

Orange blossom in Rome for Marò Tarantino Massimiliano Latorre : Marinas Sagittarius marries Paola Moschetti, always at his side in the Querelle international with India. The function was organized in the church of the Military Ordinariate of the capital. For the provisions of the Hague Tribunal, which is responsible for international arbitration, the other Marò may not be present at the center of the case, Salvatore Girone.

"Dear Salvo, we will not be able to celebrate my marriage to Paola, but I assure you that you will be with us, if not physically, and you will be, Vania, Michele and Martina. that we can do everything very soon, they have lived all our moments and after the tears we hope the smile will come, my brother, by sea and with Terram … San Marco ", Latorre's message to his friend Salvatore.

Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, who were involved in an international protection mission for the Italian merchant ship Enrica Lexie, were involved in the controversy surrounding the deaths of two Indian fishermen believed to be pirates off the coast of Kerala on 1

5 February 2012 in South India.

The ruling of the tribunal, which has to decide whether to go to India or to India, I talia is following the two fusiliers from Marina, is expected in July.

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