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Salvini in the US is the premier and welds the axle with Trump

The Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini was received by the Chief of US Diplomacy Mike Pompeo in the State Department in Washington. Salvini then visited Arlington National Cemetery, where he placed a wreath in honor of the Unknown Soldier, and the Lincoln Memorial. Immediately thereafter, a meeting with US President for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist, is planned. On the American afternoon, Salvini will join the meeting with Vice President Mike Pence in the White House. Salvini is accompanied in his talks by the Italian ambassador to the United States, Armando Varricchio.

In the ceremonial contract room of the Foreign Ministry, Salvini smiled and asked for a quick handshake for the photographers. No explanation. The room is covered with portraits of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton.

"Italy seeks to be the first, most credible, most solid interlocutor. ] of the US in the EU," Salvini said at a meeting with journalists. "Italy is the largest European country with which the United States can and wants to engage in dialogue, a channel of great interest to both." Deputy Prime Minister then said he "shares the concern of the US government with both China and Iran." And to China : "Business is business, to some extent, when national security is at stake, even sharing of common values ​​between Italy and the United States can be stopped" It is our duty supporting the growth of Italian companies in the world, but it is essential to check whether countries that are not democratic in important infrastructures intervene. National security takes precedence over economic considerations. "

" We have visions of municipalities across Iran, Libya, Venezuela, the Middle East ̵

1; said Salvini – about Israel's right to exist and concerns about Chinese arrogance towards Europe and the African Continent. In this moment of fragility of the European institutions, Italy wants to be the most credible and coherent interlocutor of the United States.

Salvini then focused on [1] 9459003] Tax cut to make sure that it is the Italian government's first goal: "The civic vote among Europeans has told us that they want to cut taxes, then everyone can like the Fornero law, decide which system to choose. "On one point, the Deputy Prime Minister is convinced:" We have to bring the dream back to the Italians. Here in the United States, the difference is that there is a dream to grow the desire. I see young people everywhere, neighborhoods born in a short time, sports facilities "We must try to bring the country back to optimism." Salvini announced that he had found an attentive partner in Pompeo ("he said we are a great country"), reminding that "spending restrictions, austerity and investment restrictions are not helping, we are preparing for negotiations." same with Europe. And the tax cut remains the first goal we will bring home. "

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