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Samsung, three screens for the Westworld smartphone

  Samsung, three screens for the Westworld-style smartphone

At the end of spring, the design ends and production begins for the Korean giant's folding device. Doubts about the actual size of the display

DOES Samsung really do a device reminiscent of the foldable smartphone of the Westworld TV series? Some pieces seem to be clear. First, the production is upon us. Second, the Galaxy X, Korea's short-lived smartphone "folding", will use this modularity to offer itself as a hybrid between mobile phone and tablet. Third, it will be 2019 (the games are closed for this year). From an industrial and commercial point of view, it is practically around the corner. Fourth, three OLED displays.

The latter is the newly published article from the Korean title The Bell according to which the screens are connected by a metal micro-hinge. In this way, the user can build the device that needs him most at a particular time of day, fold or widen the screen, and switch from a smartphone 7 inches to an important diagonal tablet. Although the size information is still a bit confused.

The way to the folding device is however open. In addition to the patents that have been filed over the years, the head of the Korean giant has not been hiding production for months, and some immature prototypes have already been seen at this year's specialized fairs. The design plan should definitely end next June, and the first test lot (between 500,000 and 2 million pieces) will go into production in the summer (and not as said in November).

According to The Bell the Galaxy X should have two 3.5-inch diagonals on the front to create a unique 7-inch display in the crowded state. A third screen, always 3.5 inches, should be placed on the back, even if – apart from notifications and other information – the utility is not clear. However, the diagonals seem to be too limited, it is likely that the dimensions are larger, otherwise the tablet effect will fade. Similar – if only in concept and perhaps not in this – to hybrid devices, which can be seen exactly in the series Westworld of Hbo, which tells the story of the amusement park with a theme populated by the west of Androids to everyone Kind of violence. In fact, many have pointed out that such a device would be too small to be a phone, and generally not so comfortable, even if it was "turned" into tablet mode.

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