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Saudi ship loaded with weapons in Genoa, the dockers: "It can not dock, it's a problem that affects the whole city"

"It is better to know: No military vehicles enter the port of Genoa Weapons, explosives and the like" is authoritative Antonio Benvenuti Consul at the head of the Unitary Company of Thousand Dockers that actually enable the activity of the largest Italian port. In recent days, the shipowner, the Maritime Authority and the Prefect of Genoa have guaranteed that the Saudi freighter Bahri Yanbu unlike the leaked would carry no weapons but " different goods ".

Among the dockers, representatives of associations, solidarity and anti-militarists who overcrowded the Porto Call Hall over the weekend, basically nobody trusts: "The Port Authority's assurances regarding the civilian character of the cargo to be loaded Genoa is not enough for us. This ship is already full of weapons loaded in Antwerp and the same company with other ships has already been launched at the GMT terminal in Genoa in recent years, with Italian bombs ̵

1; The Release of Autonomous Collective Dockers – The hypocrisy of those who have noticed it the other day, but as long as it was in government, has exactly These millionaire agreements with Arabia set Saudi Arabia for the sale of weapons must remain out of this game that everything has to be save a political game.

The arrival of the Saudi ship is scheduled for Monday 6 Scheduled to 7 o'clock and Dockers convened a public garrison at the Ethiopian Gate on the shores of Canepa at about 7 o'clock in the morning, although the schedule may vary depending on the arrival of the ship.

War and even less of the dramatic one War, which has been conducted for years in Yemen – declared Luigi Cianci Delegate Filt Cgil of the Unica Company – if the arrival of the Saudi ship is confirmed, we will ask to be able to carry out an inspection to determine what it actually carries. By no means will we allow the embarkation or disembarkation of military equipment and we will strengthen our position: ports open to people, closed to weapons.

But if during these hours the delegates Filt Cgil Defining The details of the initiative, which seeks to maximize participation and "protection" of the union organization, are gathered together and disseminated between the docks, on social networks and via WhatsApp: " This vessel is not allowed in Create Genoa. Neither now nor in the future. After the attending assembly on Friday, we invite all citizens to take part in a fight that can not only be dock workers, but anyone who cares about the lives of other people like us, anyone who is aware of the violence of war in all its facets wants to resist form when it is in our house. "

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