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Sea Watch, Salvini signs an entry ban for Italy, the NGO: "Crimes against Humanity". Permitted landing for only 10

"I have just signed the entry ban for transit and stop on the ship Sea Watch 3 in Italian waters, as envisaged by the new Security Decree The document is signed by colleagues from Transportation and Defense: Stop for Accomplices of Traffickers and Traffickers "The Interior Minister Matteo Salvini announced that he passed the [19] Decree of until Proposed proceedings against the German NGO immediately activated with a board Saved 52 migrants after a shipwreck off the coast of Libya The law signed by the President of the Republic on Friday Sergio Mattarella complements the security decree already in force, in which fines of ten thousand to fifty thousand euros for the K of the vessel, which does not comply with the entry ban in territorial waters. "The return of these people would commit a crime for which Italy has already been condemned or collective refoulement," the NGO responded immediately.

Sea Watch 3 was located for two days in international waters about 15 miles from the island of Lampedusa this Wednesday intervened to rescue some migrants who were to be embarked A Libyan Coast Guard and the NGO spokeswoman Giorgia Linardi did not agree to bring migrants to Libya. Deputy Prime Minister Salvini had already announced in recent days that there would be no openings, and called on the NGOs to return to the North African coast, where, however, there are no security conditions for the conclusion of a rescue operation in international treaties. Indeed, Sea Watch recalls: "Libya is not internationally recognized as a safe haven and the same UN mission in Libya, Unhcr the European Commission, our Farnesina, our Minister of the Interior on television last 25. May and the Libyan President Al Serraj ".

In the meantime, after a health check on board by the national center Coordinating rescue at sea in Rome, 10 of the 52 aboard migrants were taken from in Lampedusa because they needed medical attention. According to the available information, the landing was approved for 7 of them because they needed it medical care and 3 caregivers taken to the island by a Coast Guard patrol boat. According to Viminale these are three minors, three women, two of whom are pregnant and two companions are two sick men.

One of the occupiers said he had been forced to bury corpses to prepare the detention center for visits by outside operators to make him more presentable. This is Libya, the land to be rescued for: We will never do "Giorgia Linardi said that during the long term of detention, the Castaways suffered" unspeakable harassment. " Even the smallest unaccompanied minor, who is only 12 years old, was imprisoned for no good reason . Another person, according to Linardi, said he had been sold to a government official and was forced to lend free labor: he had worked as a servant to buy his freedom and get himself on a dinghy. "

" Many people, Sea Watch spokeswoman added, report that they've tried several times to leave Libya by sea. One person even recognized in the patrol boat that the same one who had already brought him back after the rescue. "Whenever the outcasts are brought back to Libya," they will be detained again. "" At the sight of the Libyan patrol boat, they are "scared." "Another Person – he continues – said that the family member was killed in front of him with a Kalashnikov shot still in custody. We will not bring anyone back to a country where people are treated like that – warns Linardi -. We expect our governments to commit that this will not happen instead of fueling the traffic spiral by bringing these people who are trying to flee Libya back, tortured and tortured. And if they survive … they are thrown back into the sea and then brought back. Until they perish. "

Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Friday:" Italian ports remain closed . The Sea Watch has loaded immigrants on board, who were about to be rescued by the Libyan Coast Guard. Then he asked Tripoli for a landing port, but when he got it, he said he would never bring the immigrants back. So the NGO began to roam the Mediterranean and force women, men and children to unnecessary suffering. Then he asked about the way to the Netherlands under the Dutch flag. Later he contacted Italy again, but for pirate ships our ports are closed. We are facing the umpteenth drama of the fake good: at this point, they are going to Northern Europe. "

The question for the office of the European Commission, Natasha Bertaud, dissolves in the departure:" All European flagships must follow the international regulations and the search and rescue at sea, ie they need to bring people to a safe haven. The Commission has always said that these conditions are currently not available in Libya . "As far as the landing is concerned," the Commission does not generally have the power to decide if and where "it can happen," Bertaud notes. " is a matter for the National Maritime Coordination Center (Mrcc) is responsible for the operations. "

Instead, according to Salvini, it is the ship that is" banned "and" can stay there for weeks, months until New Year. "In the evening, sources of the Interior Ministry have pointed out to press agencies that the inter-ministerial Decree prohibiting entry, transit and stay at Sea Watch 3 in Italian waters was also signed by the Minister of Defense, Elisabetta Trenta and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Danilo Toninelli .

The Bis Security Decree contains provisions on Combating Illegal Immigration public order, as opposed to violence on the occasion of Sports Demonstrations . Among the central points – and subject to numerous submissions, until the reference to migrants rescued at sea, which is contained in the first draft of the DL – disappears – the fines of 10 thousand to 50 thousand euros for the master of the ship, which prohibits the Entry into the waters is not considered territorial. In case of a repeat of the offense, the confiscation of the ship is provided. The measure aims – though not explicit – to meet the ships of non-governmental organizations that save the outcasts if they are migrants.

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