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Sea Watch, Salvini signs the entry ban for the NGO ship

I have just signed the entry, transit and residence ban for the Sea Watch 3 vessel in Italian waters, as foreseen in the new safety regulation, said Deputy PM Matteo Salvini. Now the document is signed by colleagues from Transport and Defense: Consider for accomplices of smugglers and traffickers. Aboard the ONG boat, which arrived despite the No of the Ministry of Interior a few miles from Lampedusa, four days ago, 52 men were rescued at sea: The volunteers refused to transport them to Tripoli, without the Libyan port as a safe haven consider. The situation on the ship of the precarious NGO, however, was so far that shortly after 1

6 o'clock the landing of 10 people was approved: 7 for health reasons and 3 as a caregiver. Their transfer to Lampedusa was entrusted to the Italian Coast Guard.

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The Wall against the Italy-EU Wall

The situation is likely to become not only a wall against a wall from a legal and humanitarian point of view, but also from a political point of view A direct conflict between Italy and the EU, Salvini's new altar – the first translation into the Security Regulations up to – follows the position taken by the Deputy Prime Minister himself on Friday, when he said the Sea Watch was a pirate ship because it stole the claim n the Libyan Coast Guard disobeyed. The latter had called Tripoli a port for migrants, and Salvini believes that the survivors of the NGOs must return. Immediately after European Commission spokeswoman Nathalie Bertaud denied the Italian Vice President: no ship under the flag of an EU state (Sea Watch registered in the Netherlands) can return asylum seekers to Libya because the latter is not sure: indeed a theater of war and does not guarantee respect for human rights.

The Judgment of 2009

This issue is now guaranteed by the Geneva Convention on Human Rights of 1951 and Italy has already been sanctioned by the European Court of Human Rights A man who was precisely responsible for bringing a group of migrants to Libya to the sea had sent (the last Berlusconi government in 2009).

The response of the NGOs

The answer

of Mediterranea Saving Humans is ready: The Minister of the Interior has recently stated with great satisfaction that he has signed the entry ban for Sea-Watch3, but especially for women the men and the children who are on board and rescued in international waters while risking death, at sea or in Libyan hell. Are they a threat to national security? No – the network of Italian associations writes in a note that has monitored together with Nave Mare Jonio in recent months, the central Mediterranean -. The only real threat to democracy and human rights is the illegal and illegitimate use of power, which aims to turn the rule of law into a police state. Saving lives is not a crime – the note concludes -. Be angry with innocent, helpless people asking for help with crime. A crime against humanity.

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