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SEPTEMBER, Autumn is upon us. Then there's the first Seasonal Gale »ILMETEO.it

Weather: SEPTEMBER, autumn is upon us. Here is the first seasonal storm

  September, last update "title =" September, last update "vspace =" 10 "/> <span class= September, last update In a few days, at least from a meteorological point of view, we will be officially in AUTUMN for the astronomical we have to wait for 07.50 of September 22 when the season has completed all passages with the equinox.
For days we affirm that the new season does not seek to show signs of "pressure" against the summer, which seems to be increasingly old and without enamel day by day. But when will the BURRASCA STAGIONALE, which will determine the end, of the summer? We have examined the season tickets published by the European ECMWF computer center and confirmed that the season of the first rains and the first fresh winds really before the T [1

9659] 004] From the first days of September between 1 and 4 September Italy may experience more autumn weather than summer weather . As the official projections show, an immense sturgeon front associated with the Icelandic Depression will move from the Atlantic to Central Europe, investing first in France and then in our country. Therefore, we expect a wave of bad weather, sometimes very violent with thunderstorms, hailstorms and stormy gusts . By carefully monitoring the temperatures of our seas, which could provide the fuel needed for extreme weather phenomena such as flash floods, storms and hailstorms. Probably early of the second decade of the month the high pressure should temporarily be able to rebuild on our country, ending last remnants of summer with a prevalence of sun and more temperatures prepares that pleases.
But the Equinox will not be long in coming. Between the second and third decade of the month the true BURRASCA STAGIONALE, the through a series of Atlantic disturbances the transition from summer to fall with a decided and statistically sanctioned final temperature drop.

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