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Sex on the Pyramid of Cheops unleashes anger in Egypt. The video is viral

He climbs the pyramids and has sex on top. A Danish tourist managed to deceive Egyptian security at the end of November and arrived at night on the top of the great pyramid of Cheops with his girlfriend, and they had sex under the sky. Officials from the archaeological area replied immediately: It is a Photoshop. But it is not like that. The story started when the Danish photographer Andreas Hvid released a video and some photos in social media on December 5th, describing the pictures we came up with … I did not film or film while we saw each other in fear ». But the pictures are clear.

The director of the archaeological site of the pyramids Ashraf Mohieddin was established after the publication of the video: "We close the archaeological area at 1

7 and pass it to the police tourism and antiquity, who are responsible for the safety of the place The footage was filmed at night, it's not our fault. "But after the noise of those days, Egyptians' anger was released on the Internet, the TV was broadcast (obviously the hottest moment cut off), even the newspapers were unleashed. Mustafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Council, said the ministry is examining the Danish photographer's video "to understand how it could happen and if it really is." However, it has to be said that by the Danish tourist Andreas YouTube released the Magnificence and Size of Pyramids of Giza and more He made beautiful night shots of Cairo from above, but violated Egyptian laws that clearly and unequivocally show that you can not climb the pyramids, just as you can not turn around in the archeology area after five in the afternoon.

Yesterday, the Minister of Antiquities, Khaled Al-Anani decided to take action and promptly return a written report to the Attorney General for instructions and initiate an investigation into the matter.

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