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Slight recovery of the bags, but the fear remains for the tasks

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<p>  bags in mild recovery today after a negative Monday not only for EU price lists (widespread declines and down 2%), but also for Asian and American, in The fears of the markets around the neo-protectionist wave and trade conflicts between the US and China come first: US stock prices rallied moderately: The Dow Jones Index rose slightly by 0.1<div class=
3% and the Nasdaq by 0.39% Announced sale of the Health Division and Backer Hughes [196590000] is the American conglomerate after the announced sale of General Electric in the amount of 7.6% since 2015 has come to the forefront of the fears regarding the issue of tariffs and their possible impact on the global growth in one go excluding the declines of -0.29% francs and Paris -0.05%, the other indices closed with the plus sign (London + 0.37% and Madrid + 0.2%). The trend is similar for the time being in Wall Street, where Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S & P 500 have risen by 0.15%

In Milan, the Ftse Mib closed the day with 0.3% (2.09%) billion euros the exchange value, compared to yesterday 1.97 billion). Immediately after the auction this morning, in which the Italian Treasury ctz (zero coupon certificate of the treasure) and btpei (btp indexed to inflation in the euro area) for 3 billion euros with sharply rising rates, the spread of The yield between BtP and The ten-year Confederation reached a level of 260,115 basis points. The yield on Italian bonds stood at 2.90%, well above yesterday's closing price of 2.84%. However, during the session, the spread was closer to yesterday's level (250) and settled at 255 basis points

In detail, the rate of the Ctz after the 63 basis point increase rose 57 basis points to 0.917% last month Placement. Good demand, 3.29 billion, with a coverage ratio of 1.88. In the auction today also two Btpei. The 5-year bond of 2023, the third tranche, was applied for 1.44 billion, and the Treasury placed bonds for 838 million with a gross yield of 0.9%. The 30-year-old BtPEi in 2041 has allocated requests for 727 million: 412 million in securities with a yield of 2.14%

Tomorrow, on the other hand, the placement of 6.5 billion bot the half-year and 28 June 5, 10 years and ccteu for a maximum total amount of 6.5 billion euros

In the Piazza Affari, Fca (+ 2.81%) bene- fit after the recent decline and in the aftermath of Morgan Stanley's favorable judgment , which confirmed the recommendation "overweight" and the price target at 23.

The banks were weak, the Ftse Bank fell by 0.87%. Bper + 0.55%, however, have sold significantly Banco Bpm (- 2.58%), Carige (- 2.47%) Banca Mps (- 2.93

purchases Italgas + 1.35%, who yesterday received many positive comments from analysts after buying 60% of Egn (European Gas Network) from Cpl Concordia.

Telecom Italia (- 2.89%) , which reached the lows of the last two years, Salvatore Ferragamo (- 1.26%) and Leonardo (- 2.02%).

On the Star Amplifon Down (-1.6%) after Exane reduced Bnp Paribas the recommendation on the stock on "neutral".

Finally, at the AIM Italia the Triboo Rally

19659023] (+ 8.4%) .Borsa Italiana has been authorized to trade ordinary shares in MTA and their simultaneous exclusion from trading on the AIM.The commencement of the trading of the shares and the simultaneous exclusion of the negotiations on the AIM will be carried out by Borsa Italiana with a of the contract notice.

Grifal (+ 18%) is also good, which has more than doubled in less than a month price compared to the debut of the first of June (equal to 2.6 euros) and Safe Bag (+ 8 , 4%), which has agreed with Polad Akhmedov and Alexander Fedoseev to anticipate, after confirmation by the Annual General Meeting of the same Safe Bag which is scheduled for June 27, the completion of the transaction, which will cause the latter 51% of the two main companies in the PackandFly group, originally scheduled for 12th July.

Prismi (+ 15.12%) and Wm Capital (+ 13.31%), an operator specialized in the development of the franchise business format.

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