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The allegations, the contact with Zhang, Juve and the rejection: Inter-Conte, hot day

The main sports newspapers (Gazzetta, Corriere dello Sport and Tuttosport) also dedicated their opening yesterday Antonio Conte and the chaos caused by his statements about Atalanta. The inter-coach, who seemed to have attacked the club (Steven Zhang) and management (Marotta and Ausilio) at 360 °, seemed like a flood from the start. Hence the logical considerations for the future: the exemption would cost Inter a disproportionate amount, but after the Europa League it could be a scenario. As well as the resolution at the end of European competition.

The supposed secret flirtation with Juventus – One of the explanations for his medically explosive statements was that of his past, that is Juventus. The Juventus Club would always be in its (future) thoughts, however republic He goes even further and talks about a count in constant contact with managers, players and former players with a very specific recurring question: “Will Sarri chase him?”


The firm rejection of Conte – After such a bomb, it is impossible not to take a position. In fact, Conte’s response was not long in coming and came through the ANSA microphones: “Regarding the article published today on Repubblica, I categorically dispute the fact that I heard Juventus managers and players ask,” but Sarri chasing them? “I will sue those who wrote this article and the editor of the magazine,” the clear summary of his thought.

The phone call with Zhang – The technician and management met yesterday in Appiano Gentile, but there was no confrontation. Rather, the Nerazzurri trainer spoke to the president by phone Steven Zhang, connected from China: no heartbreaking decision, the confrontation was cordial and the two agreed that it was necessary to focus only and only on the Europa League for the good of Inter. Once the competition is over, there is time and an opportunity to meet (personally this time) and evaluate what to do.

The field of hypotheses. Who for the possible after Conte and where could the trainer go to Inter? It is difficult to make predictions. But the first rumors are circulating and it is right to give a report: Inter looks through its managers so as not to be unprepared in the event of a divorce, and the very first name on the list is: Max Allegri, eager to get back on track after the Sabbath year. Is behind him Mauricio Pochettino. Both have a peculiarity that they really like: you could finally put Eriksen at the center of Nerazzurri’s tactical project. And with you? Given Juventus-bis’s alleged ambitions, the current Nerazzurri coach would not despise a new Premier League adventure, even if President Agnelli doesn’t seem inclined. And Manchester United, now in the hands of Solskjaer, could offer him one Exit strategy of undoubted charm.

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