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The child saves thanks to a caesarean section

It is a dramatic story that dates back to Brazil. The story of two spouses and their most beautiful day, which suddenly turned into a tragedy. It is the story of a woman who, when she reached her groom at the altar with her child in her lap, suffered from an illness and did not survive. The British media are rebuilding the incident. The bride, a thirty-year-old nurse named Jessica Guedes, apparently had no health problems. It was the sixth month of pregnancy and the day of her marriage, while the groom was already waiting for her at the altar, he got sick in a limousine. At first his family had underestimated his symptoms and was convinced that the bride was only afraid of the wedding, but in fact the woman, who had neck pain and dizziness, had suffered a stroke. She fainted a few minutes before the altar and was pronounced dead as soon as she arrived at the hospital. The groom, 31

-year-old fireman Flavio Gonçalvez, was already waiting at the altar when he heard that his companion was ill. A relative asked for help after the bride fainted in the car for the first time.

The bride talked to her partner before she died.

In an interview with the Brazilian magazine Crescer Magazine the groom said: "I was worried because I was waiting for her at the altar and she took time to get in. A cousin of her then hurried I opened the door of the machine and she lay, but she regained consciousness and talked to me. I told her, "Baby, I am Here. "He replied that everything was fine, but that he had a lot of pain in his neck." At that moment, like seven years at the fire department, I became a rescuer. I got her out of the limo and asked my firefighter friends who were there as guests for help. "

C-section urgency to give birth to Jessica's baby

Jes sica was first hospitalized in a downtown hospital in Sao Paulo and then relocated to the private maternity hospital Pro Matre Paulista due to the complexity of the case According to the doctors the young woman suffered a stroke and had to undergo a caesarean section at the hospital to save the life of the 29-week-old girl The little Sophia was born at 930 grams and 34 centimeters and is currently in the neonatal intensive care unit and is likely to stay in the hospital for at least two months.

Father with the child

Pictures of the last happy moments of the bride in white dress on the day of his marriage. A tender video was also posted on Facebook, in which Flavio Gonçalvez was left behind without the woman he wanted to marry, and was forced to look after his daughter alone, singing a little song to the little girl in the hospital. "Jessica was a very happy person who loved life, I was looking forward to becoming her husband and father, I will be strong and I will not weaken in the face of adversity," said the man. "I still can not believe it happened, it seems like I'm in a sad movie and you cry, you cry, you cry, but you leave the cinema knowing that it was just a movie However, in my case the film will never end and the suffering will endure forever, " the words of the young firefighter.

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