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The following reveals the shape of your back about your health

A recent study has demonstrated the relationship between the shape of the buttocks in women and the risk of developing certain diseases. Watch the shape of your buttocks and affect your disposition.

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The buttocks are a subject of great attention because they have a strong influence on people, especially on an aesthetic level, and we make everything beautiful: sports, special exercises, special creams and a diet … but did you know that the shape of your back and your posture reveal important information about your state of health? Here are some things that you should definitely know.

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Here are the health problems your buttocks reveal

  Women with big buttocks are more intelligent and healthier One in International Journal of Obesity 2010 study, conducted by a research team from Oxford University, found a strong association between the shape of the buttocks in women and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 To get diabetes.

This study is based on the assumption that the overall distribution of fats in the body is a good indicator of health and not all fats are distributed in the body in the same way. For example, excess fat in the chest may be deleterious due to proximity to the heart, which would increase the risk of heart attack.

As regards fat on the buttocks, a slight excess is considered a sign of good health! In fact, the fat in the lower part of the body (hips, thighs, buttocks) helps to capture fatty acids and protect the body from certain health problems. In an article published in the journal LiveScience Dr. Konstantinos Manolopoulos stated that "whether fatty acids were not trapped in fat but in other organs such as the liver or arteries, body would be prone to diabetes and heart disease. "Men do not enjoy the same protection from their buttocks!" The laws of nature are unfair because it seems that women are genetically predisposed to store more fat in the lower part of the body than men. Manolopoulos The good news for women is that female hormones contribute to protecting against cardiovascular disease.

Manopoulos however, writes that the hormones will change during menopause, and it is at this time, That women change their appearance and increase fat in the stomach, so the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes is similar to that of men of the same age. "

Here are other health problems that your buttocks reveal


If you notice a small drop of blood after visiting the toilet or having regular problems sitting down, you may suffer You may be interested in dilated veins, better known as anal pelvic hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are often caused by constipation, especially from the age of 50 years.

Constipation indicates a lack of fiber in the diet, so a balanced diet is important to prevent this type of problem. Obesity is another factor that increases the risk of hemorrhoids. The doctor may prescribe a steroid cream to relieve pain and itching. In most cases, however, changing hygiene and nutrition is the best medicine to avoid.

Warning: In some cases, a blood clot forms that requires little surgery.

Folliculitis on the rump

This skin condition is very common among people who suffer from obesity that remain too long in a sitting position or the synthetic clothes are very tight. Folliculitis is a fairly common skin disorder that occurs when the hair follicles become infected. It is an eruption that occurs mainly on the buttocks and thighs but can occur on any other part of the body. Folliculitis is similar to small pimples that look like small red lesions or blisters.

Folliculitis is usually caused by a bacterial or fungal infection that may be due to your clothes or a razor. This is a sign that you should change the fabrics you normally wear or your razor. Although this disease is completely benign and harmless to health, it is annoying and unpleasant. A simple consultation with a dermatologist will help you to get rid of the infection through timely treatment.

Muscle weakness of the back and feet

Maintaining a vertical position is a very strenuous exercise, and it is light in weight. At the height of the buttock, it is important to know that the weakening of some muscles is general Shape of the back affected. This may also indicate a weakness of the trunk muscles. According to Erika Bloom Founder of the famous Erika Bloom Pilates Plus Center in New York a posterior malformation can be prevented by working on the extensor muscles of the back (multifidus) to stabilize the spine and do not disturb the back care.

If the hips / buttocks seem to be more developed, the problem may be in the feet. In fact, Erika Bloom explains that weak feet can cause a slight shift in the femurs, affecting the width of the hips. A small problem that can be resolved by targeted strength training.

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