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The French government will ask some science fiction writers to help them predict the future

AID, the Defense Innovation Agency, is a French government agency under the Ministry of Defense that seeks to predict and plan possible future equipment scenarios. His job is to understand how the world is going to change and what France needs to do to be ready, especially in terms of technology and military strategy. A few days ago, the AID published a document entitled "Looking beyond," in which it summarized some of her activities: she was particularly attracted to attention by a Boxino featured on one of the last pages we talk about creating a "Red Teams of futurologists and sci-fi writers "to fulfill the task of imagining possible future threats to France that the military might not have thought of", which still needs to be formed, will have the task of creating future scenarios, too The idea is that future experts and science fiction writers will have enough imagination and competence to think about what is unimaginable to others, and therefore a different perspective The names of the people who work for the AID "Red Team" a are not yet known, but the document states that it will be "four or five" persons. The research results will most likely be kept secret, and it is likely that even the names of the team members themselves will be known.

The idea may seem bizarre, But it is actually based on an already widespread concept, not just in the defense sector. In many areas, including journalism, there is talk of a "red team" when a group of people – outside an office or work team – is asked to consider a question in a new and possibly original way. For example, if five journalists have been working for months on an investigation, the Red Team is a group of five other journalists who have never dealt with this investigation and who are being asked to make an effort to reassess it from scratch take care of. think of something their colleagues had not thought of. The Red Team also has the task of questioning what colleagues have done to fill any gaps or shortcomings.

Bruno Tertrais, deputy director of the Foundation for Strategic Research in France, told the French site 20 minutes – one of the first to deal with the AID document – this is not the first time that a state has such an idea. Tertais said, among other things, that the United States had already done something similar after the 9/11 attacks when they realized that these attacks had caught them off guard: they had not considered the possibility of being used in civil aircraft in this way of terrorists. Tertais explained that institutions, especially institutions like the Ministry of Defense, tend to think and act routinely with few external influences, and that the "red teams" can be surprisingly useful. In Italy, the AID complies with the Defense Innovation Center, which has created one of its documents titled Military Impact on the Future Operating Environment.

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