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The Golden Retriever dog with the saddest eyes in the world has been saved from the Chinese slaughter

Rescued from trading in Chinese dog meat. Five adorable Golden Retrievers were taken from China and brought to Minnesota before being slaughtered for dinner. They are Ragom's last victory, Retrieve of Golden of the Midwest, an organization that has been working in China for years to save as many dogs as possible from slaughterhouses.

"When I went to China in February to visit the rescue stations On site, with whom we work together, I met a young woman who seemed to have a new litter". There was no sign of puppy except in the incredible "sadness he showed in his eyes," says Nicole Stundzia. "Every time I went in her direction, she scrambled to her feet and sat in the hope that I would comfort her." He had never seen such a sad golden one. But on this trip Nicole had to take two other dogs to the USA and was only allowed to leave her there.

By now he was safe. "But I never stopped thinking about his appearance, I took a picture of her and wrote down her microchip number, hoping to find a way to bring her to the United States, and after we told her story, found we a generous volunteer who volunteered to make the trip to rescue her and four other dogs. "

Mum 19-117C, Georgia 19-118C, Sissy 19-119C, Jovi 19-120C and Mosby 19 -121C were greeted at the airport by as many Ragom volunteers, unaware that their lives would change soon. Golden Mama loved the garden. And when he saw a ball for the first time, all the sadness in his eyes had completely disappeared. The same applies to the other four dogs.

"The best thing ever was to open their cages after the long flight, to see their bodies writhing and wagging their cocks with excitement with their tails ready to meet you to join them embrace". Now all five dogs are being monitored to overcome stress and get proper veterinary care. And when they are in perfect shape, they are released for adoption and ready for this incredible new adventure, life.


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