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The loss hit him deeply

Gabriel Garko just posted a photo on Instagram announcing that he has lost a friend who is important to him and with whom he has shared a thousand experiences.

Gabriel Garko (source from Instagram @gabrielgarko_official)
Gabriel Garko (source from Instagram @gabrielgarko_official)

The announcement came in the middle of the night: Gabriel Garko has lost a great friend of his and decided to share the tragedy with his followers.

The actor, as he is called He is a great lover of the sport and especially equestrian sportand so much so that he decided to live somewhere just outside of Rome to enjoy nature and its beloved animals.

In this case we are talking about the his horse Othello, his faithful friend with whom he shared so many joys and sorrows.

The two were very close and faced a thousand adventures together which caused them to experience unprecedented emotions.

But now Othello is gone and all the pain remains for Garko for the loss of his dear friend.

Gabriel Garko in mourning: The actor’s grief moves his fans

Gabriel Garko (source Instagram @gabrielgarko_official)
Gabriel Garko (source Instagram @gabrielgarko_official)

And just to remember Othello Garko decided to post a photo of the two of them together with written: “”Tonight a piece of my heart went away …… .. Have a good trip, Othello, and thank you ”.

In short, a very strong suffering for the actor who can hardly overcome in a short time.

Garko’s followers immediately commented on the post, shows them their closeness and try to send him all her love

A user wrote that to him Horses are angels and when they leave us they continue to watch over their Lord because the bond that has held her all along is indestructible.

In short, a major blow to the actor who will slowly recover from this terrible grief.

A similar situation, reminiscent of that of Tiziano Ferro some time ago, in which he always made a post to encourage his followers to take part in the tragedy that had struck him.

Losses that unfortunately affect everyone deeply

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