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The Ocean Vikings are ready to attack: "Bring the 356 migrants ashore"

While a tough tug-of-war between Italy and the ship Open Arms is under way – with Spain in the middle – another NGO has begun the attack. The Ocean Viking, operating on behalf of MSF and Sos Mediterranée, has 356 migrants aboard. A real "army" of immigrants recovered between the 9th and 12th of August in the Mediterranean, an "army" that now demands a safe haven.

"Ten Days After the First Rescue of Ocean Viking We know that the expectation of being able to drive down to the mainland may still endure – writes Luca Pigozzi, MSF doctor aboard the Ocean Viking – In a statement, even though the moment of salvation is already a long way off for certain reasons, it seems to me yesterday when I saw it People go completely exhausted aboard the OceanViking People spend many hours at sea before being rescued precarious boats, without sleep, without water or food, they are dehydrated, weak, suffer from dizziness, hypothermia and burns from fuel or from the sun ".

The doctor after an excursus on the health conditions of migrants and their work as volunteers, "Today our main focus in the on-board clinic on the skin or respiratory tract infections are the most common diseases.We also treat war wounded ̵

1; Libyan nationals with subcutaneous shrapnel – or adults with chronic conditions such as diabetes, "it says," so far we have done 130 medical exams and 63 wound dressings, we are doing our very best, but we know that some local patients are doing better and it is precisely for this "better reason" that they are pulling the 356 migrants aboard the ship, probably since the Ocean Viking in Italy is between Malta and our country.

But it does not end here. Because the doctor's statement is quite long. And on physical conditions we go to psycho-physical -. Many were tortured or sexually violent in Libya. Today, waiting for the landing which is consumed in a confined space in the middle of the sea, can only worsen their conditions. "Then it goes on with the classic discourse of minors – which is not the case in most cases – to end with the constant commitment of volunteers:" This is the situation on board the Ocean Viking. We do not yet have a safe haven to disembark, but we will continue to care for our patients with all due care. "

The long letter ends with a sort of reproach both in Malta and in Italy:" On 13 August we requested Italy and Malta to take over the coordination and establish a safe haven for disembarkation. Malta refused to coordinate, Italy did not respond. We are also interested in other European countries to find a timely solution that guarantees the landing of all rescued people in a safe haven. "

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