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There is PSG and another Englishman can come forward

For what future Kalidou Koulibaly? After what Raffaele Auriemma on the pages of Tuttosport “If there are 11 days left before the market closes, hope will begin to circulate in Naples that the big clubs will not have the liquidity to reach K2”. Of course not Aurelio De Laurentiis, who wants to make money, but Rino Gattuso wants to keep the player.

The Piedmontese newspaper continues with the pen of the well-known colleague as follows: “Manchester City would be able to spend the 75 million requested by the Neapolitan patron, but he sent agent Ramadani forward without ever forwarding the substantive offer. Napoli fears that city dwellers are taking revenge on the rudeness they have with Jorginho PSG reached out to CEO Leonardo, who called Giuntoli with a suggestion that the director should return to the sender: an onerous loan of 1

0 million, with a repayment of 52 million next year and 10 bonuses. Maybe he will join Liverpool looking for a profile that can be paired with Van Dijk, otherwise Koulibaly will stay with Napoli, who has a contract until 2023. “

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