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These two minutes that saved his life

10th March 2019. Everyone will remember this appointment for the terrible plane crash which claimed 157 casualties. But for someone that was a happy day. This somebody is Antonis Mavropoulos, a Greek who ought to have crashed into the plane shortly after the departure of Addis Ababa, but who had lost fortune for two minutes . Two minutes that saved his life.

Antonis tells his story in a post on Facebook: "When I arrived, the boarding was closed and I saw the last passengers entering the tunnel yelled to let me in, but they did not let me" . The Greek passenger arrived too late because he arrived from an earlier flight and had no time to load the baggage, which was to be loaded on the Boeing 737 Max of Ethiopian Airlines . As he protested the loss of the connection, the airport staff offered to board the next flight to Nairobi at 1


At 10:50 am, however, two security officers They said he could not take this plane for security reasons, and Antonis was taken to the airport police station. There, in the face of people's protests, he was told that the only thing he should have done was thank God "because I was the only passenger who had not entered this plane, which he did not more track ". For that reason, they could not let him go until they realized who he was and why he had not boarded.

Antonis began searching for news on the missing plane: From a friend he learned that the plane he was supposed to take had crashed: "At that point, I realized that I was with my family and I had to contact all my friends to let them know that I had not taken this flight, and at that moment I collapsed, because only then did I know how lucky I was. " ,

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