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This jump between the flowering plants and then the confrontation with the freight train

  The accident on the railway in Castelveccana

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If you pass it 100 times and go through it, if nobody tells you, the gap between the oleanders who dug the car with which Roberto Belfanti and his wife Marisa Milani rode a few meters is not visible .

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What happened and why the car, as it pulled off the steep street of the daughter's house, instead of turning right, is straight ahead , yet nobody knows ( in the photo below, where exactly the vehicle has left the road in the vegetation ).

  The accident on the railway in Castelveccana

Maybe it could A review of the condition of the vehicle, which even the fire brigade at that time could not recognize, was useful: The hatbox remained scattered at the impact site and then all others per meter by the hundreds: here a light, there a piece of engine.

A story that has truly incredible: the car falling on the dam and then the collision with the good coming out of Luino : the impact point is more than a hundred meters from the bridge on the provincial road 69 in Castelveccana, district "Piana" at the height of the Via Europa, but at a point that everyone knows as Sass de Scisen, this is the plaque on a villa overlooking the lake, and the lake is also from the Via Europa to see, the road that runs along the railway: a blond German middle-aged vacationer sunning himself, a farmers' sign and a few neighbors driving away: below, after a few meters, death.

« We heard the train arrive, it came from Luino, but we noticed it because of the continuous and continuous whistling – tell the neighbors who prefer not to be cited name – we thought of an animal on the railing or to a madness who wanted to take the train to the lake. You know what it's like to hear all the colors. Then no, then a very strong roar. "

The 112 is called, but immediately for the health workers it is clear that there is no hope for the two elderly people He was known in the area: Roberto Belfanti was a former Inail A very active man, skier and hiker, he was awarded a few years ago by the Cai for the 60-year membership . The daughter is also a well-known psychologist because of her profession Person in Village and Lakes : She was cared for by the physicians of 118 and stayed until late in the evening, asking only for privacy and respect because of the moment .

May remember the inhabitants of the region to such tragedies: "Yes, an incident on the provincial road at the junction of the bridge, but nothing like that, and neither discomfort because of the passage of the long trains merci: you drive on the Bellinzona-Gall arate, but this is a fairly quiet stretch on which the dense vegetation greatly mitigates the transit .

The same vegetation on the tracks, but unable to stop the two elders' car ended ten meters below and also took in the trunk of a robinia in flight. It would have been enough if the accident had happened ten meters to the right or left, if a metal railing or dam could have stopped the car. But no: the jump in the wall of flowering plants and then the impact.

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