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Tim eye to charge the 10 euros. And Vodafone gives a Jigtag

Somehow, Tim has managed to reintroduce the awesome charging cost, a horrible monster hated by consumers. And Vodafone has almost all of its customers make an offline day. For Tim and Vodafone customers, these are not really great weeks as they struggle with too many glitches and the usual conversions and operations that are not always very clear.

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La Ricarica by Tim a Somebody seems to have a hidden remodulation or even worse the return of the unpleasant charging costs. Here's what's happening on the Tim front and on the Vodafone front in those hours.

Legitimate, for heaven's sake. But not too nice to our taste. There were accidents that Vodafone had a few hours ago (most Vodafone customers are offline most of the day, both landline and mobile) and that, as we've already said, can happen to anyone. [19659005] However, there are also trade-offs that, while remaining within the bounds of legal norms, are not consistent with the increasing desire of Italian consumers for transparency .

It seems like a century has passed, but it's over Several years ago, we paid a fixed amount for each boot purchased. The amount paid was therefore not complete telephone loan. This also applies to the new TIM service, where the 10-euro denomination is "infected" by the Ricarica + model.

It's not formal charge charges, but it's something that somehow reminds us. And it is a memory that we like very little.

La ​​Ricarica + by Tim from 10 Euro

For those who are new to it since May 26, 2019, there is a new way of charging at kiosks, bars and tobacconists that are activated for service. It is called Recharge + and has a very special function.

Recharge + is currently available in two denominations of 5 and 10 euros but the actual available credit is 4 euros and 9 euros, but at the same time you have unlimited call minutes for all and unlimited time, 24 hours long free to surf.

A definite new way to use historical phone charging, but only at newsstands, bars and tobacconists (at least) per hour).

The bundle of unlimited minutes and jigs that can also be used on the 4.5G network can be exploited within 24 hours of being charged. Anything not used will be lost and will have to be consumed as a priority compared to the packages included in your subscribed offer.

In addition to each recharge, you automatically enter the raffle of 10,000 prizes. Among the prizes smartphones, tablets and chargers can be won thanks to the competition Ricarica + e Vinci .

Of course, all other methods of charging in the previously available denominations remain valid. both in the payment methods.

In the meantime, we would like to ask you to enter more information to avoid unpleasant surprises.

This service is certainly also a good idea, but for some customers may not be comfortable, you may not be able to fully cover the cost of your monthly quote if you deduct 1 euro.

Vodafones Down. The following has happened

In these cases, managers almost never venture to explain the reasons for such a major technical failure. The fact is that the technicians have finally solved it.

Many commented on the story on our Facebook Iliad Fan Group in the last few hours. At peace, someone tried to defend Vodafone because, as we said earlier, technical problems of this kind can really happen to anyone.

However, the media echoes of a national down-Vodafone have seen the performance and quality of the network as the factor that enhances Vodafone marketing the most in any advertising communication.

So it's our job to keep an open eye on a service that's always very good, but obviously not perfect.

Buona l & # 39; Vodafone Initiative, which has decided to send an SMS to all customers to allow the use of the Internet for the entire day without restrictions and without undermining the devices included in the package.

In short, for a giro, Vodafone offered in obvious embarrassment to the bad trailer hitch.

It will be the summer of 5G.

As always in our blog, we will try to update you in a consistent and timely manner. But at the beginning of summer, it seems clear that the big protagonist of the hot season will be the 5G.

Vodafone will be the first to open a network in Italy, although it is limited to very few cities. Then it's TIM's turn to announce their own commercial for the fifth generation of phones in the last few hours.

Obviously, waiting for the next steps from Iliad and Wind Tre we remember on the front 5G could still work together in the network and utility area.

But we will talk about it again in the next few hours.

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