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Use, paralysis such as polio is scary: hit 6 children in a few days

Six children from Minnesota State (USA) were all hospitalized with symptoms such as polio, paralysis of the extremities. All have been diagnosed with acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), an infection that attacks the nervous system and causes numbness in the limbs until the mobility is completely lost. The new outbreak affects children under the age of ten, all diagnosed since September 20. There is no vaccine against the disease and there is no specific treatment

The first cases

The first known cases date from 201

4, when five children between the ages of 2 and 16 in California suffered the mysterious infection and in their own Legs and arms were paralyzed. The very rare virus, Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), is an infectious agent that, in contrast to other more common enteroviruses (which usually causes mild respiratory and / or intestinal disorders) is associated with similar symptoms of polio. The first symptoms are similar to the flu: cough, runny nose sneezes. The six children of Minnesota live in different cities for each, so it is unclear whether virus spread is the cause of their symptoms

The course of the disease

The trend of fluctuating disease. According to data from the US CoCs, 120 cases were registered in 2014; in 2015 only 22nd and again in 2016 149, while in 2017 only 33. This year is already out of 46 cases the speech. In general, maximum enterovirus circulation occurs between August and October, and in 2016, the story of Daniel Ramirez, 6, who died in the Seattle hospital after having contracted acute flaccid myelitis. The child was accused of speaking, incontinence, pain in one leg and vomiting.

The History of Orville

Orville, 4 years old, was the first confirmed case in Minnesota. The mother said the son had a cold in July, but soon after he could not move his legs and right arm. At the hospital, they were thinking about a stroke. The diagnosis of acute flaccid myelitis has arrived when the child has difficulty breathing. The baby is better now, has resumed the mobility of the legs, even if the gait is not perfect, but at the moment has not restored the use of the arm

The enterovirus on accusation

There is no vaccine against enteroviruses "Injured "and then doctors recommend focusing on prevention: cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, do not go to school or do not work when you get sick, wash your hands frequently. The EV-D68 virus was isolated in California in the 1960s and has never raised major concerns: similar to the polio virus, but also to those that cause common colds, and no one has ever thought it causes more than any respiratory symptoms could. After the epidemic in 2014/15, scientists were targeted and suspected of being responsible for the mysterious acute flaccid paralysis

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