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Venice, forgotten little girl in school bus: found in tears

Moments of Fear in Scorzè, Municipality of Venice Where a three-year-old girl was forgotten by the co-workers in a Scuolabus : It happened on Thursday, June 27 The city underwent one the highest temperature peaks. The child was found after about two hours in the warehouse of the industrial zone.

" She was very scared, but fortunately we did not have to take her to the hospital, I'm sorry because no one between the driver and the supervisor apologized for what happened: now everyone will take responsibility and bear the consequences The mothers trust this human and in the end it turns out that they do not know how to do their job . " Mama in La Nuova di Venezia and Mestre .

The Episode

After the first reconstructions, the parents waited for their daughter's arrival at the school bus stop. However, the vehicle did not get past: the father then warned the police, the school, the local police and Nais Marcon (Mayor of Scorzè). The couple then hurried to the bus parking lot, where they finally found the child. " She cried, we gave her water ," they declared. The little girl's father finally repeated: " They had to check if there were no more children on the bus, instead they did not see the little ones and went and closed our daughter ."

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