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Verona, the little train is thrown back into the amusement park: seven wounded, including two children

VERONA – Seven people, including two children, were injured at 17:00 o'clock when a monorail train overturned in Movieland, a theme area near Lake Garda dedicated to the cinema in the Canevaworld amusement park. Lazise (Verona). The causes of accidents still need to be clarified. The train rolled over at a height of about three meters.

  Verona, the little train rolls over in the amusement park: seven wounded, including two children.

The attraction is "Back to the Backstage", a path that allows you to see all the sights from above. Witnesses said they saw one of the cars fall and hurried to help the injured, including some children. The 118-member medical staff immediately intervened with the Verona emergency helicopter and three ambulances. Three wounded were brought to Verona, the Polo Confortini from Borgo Trento and four more to the Pederzoli Hospital in Peschiera del Garda. None of the seven casualties would be according to initial information the rescuer still in a serious condition. The dynamics of the accident is investigated by the Carabinieri.

A black day today for the amusement park of Verona. In fact, at 12, another putty superjet attraction had occurred. One of the boats had taken too much water and had sunk. Passengers with life jackets can swim to the edge of the pool. Luckily, there were no more serious consequences.

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