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Via D & # 39; Amelio, 27 years later. Maria Falcone: "Ripping Responsibility"

Twenty-seven years have passed since the massacre on Via D & # 39; Amelio, in which Paolo Borsellino and his escort agents Agostino Catalano, Emanuela Loi, Vincenzo Li Muli, Walter Eddie Cosina and Claudio Traina were heroes who sacrificed life For justice In this attack, which for too long was shrouded in heavy shadows, we see the first rays of hope that have been solemnly requested by the family of Paolo Borsellino, who for years has been waiting with dignity and serenity to learn the truth. the context in which the screening of the investigation of the massacre matured. "

Maria Falcone, sister of the judge killed in Capaci and president of the Falcone Foundation, interviewed on the day of the 27th anniversary of the massacre in Via D & # 39; Amelio For the sister of Giovanni Falcone: "Now it is important that we continue on this path, that all institutional responsibilities go without discounts, as the families of the victims, who justifiably demand the full truth, demand it." "Ours ̵

1; adds he adds – will not be a consummate democracy until all the obscure points of a tragic side in the history of Sicily and Italy are clarified. The family members of the judge Borsellino and the dead agents have the right, they have the right to the Italians. Today, a moving thought goes to dear Rita, who is no longer with us and who could only guess the beginning of this path. "

"As every year for us today, adds the judge's brother, Salvatore Borsellino, it is a day of remembrance, of the struggle for truth and justice, there are no ministry ships on this day, and I am not saying it to quarrel but there are people who take action to promote legality in schools every day of the year. "

  Via D & # 39; Amelio, 27 years later. Maria Falcone:

Rita and Salvatore Borsellino

The President of the Sicilian Region, Nello Musumeci, has planted a floral flower in Via D & # 39; Amelio: "In Palermo, Borsellino lived the last months of his life in a crowded solitude of Doubles traitors, traitors, accomplices After so many years on behalf of the Sicilians, I ask and demand the right to the truth We want to know the faces of those who had to do their duty and did not, of those who have left only Paul's purse to become a comfortable and easy target for the mafia ".

Palermo: about D & # 39; Amelio without Rita, but with his boys, the pictures

In addition to the governor's regional councils for economy Gaetano Armao, at Salute Ruggero Razza and the Toto Cordaro territory and surroundings. "Borsellino was betrayed by those who needed to be close to him, Musumeci went on – the state did not seem to be sufficiently present, and perhaps not all state apparatuses wanted the truth to be revealed in the investigations of the Palermo City Council."



Wallet, relay between generations. The grandchildren: "Let's talk about legality in social media"

They are the children and adolescents who come from Sicily and from all parts of Italy and the real protagonists of this morning in the Via D & # 39; Amelio are. Dozens of animated booths, workshops, readings and games for the little ones, organized by the "Paolo and Rita Borsellino Study Center", which was always a wish of the judge's sister, the July 19 27 years ago by the mafia along with the agents of the accompaniment. The day of absence, but also of the memory, which becomes stronger with the delivery of a staff to the nieces. Like Valentina Corrao, 18, who remembers how her grandmother loved "that part of the day because the game makes it easier to learn while you remember". Just the game of legality, created by Rita's grandchildren and designed by Valentina: 30 cards dedicated to the "female bourgeoisie", a tribute to women like Francesca Morvillo, Augusta Agostino and Emanuela Loi, who have their own devoted existence to justice.

"This is the moment he most prefers," he continues, "because it was more important for her to reach the children, who are the future and hope." Then a controversial remark: "We must not judge the institutions or the people – he says – not everyone is corrupt, but in these years we have talked a lot, but basically nothing has been said: the hope, the truth about the death of the Achieving Uncle "Paolo is here, sooner or later he will come out. Grandma Rita was also convinced. But to be honest, I'm not so optimistic. "

is being played …

About the hearing of Judge Anti-Mafia before the National Anti-Mafia Commission and released last Tuesday:" What with great Clarity, dramatic timeliness and sad foreboding emerges: isolation. Not only does this faith affect the human and professional history of Paolo Borsellino, leaving you alone in the most difficult of fights is a clear sign that destiny is already marked.

will be reproduced ….

The truth with the bourgeois sense and the affirmation of legality and justice izia will certainly not be able to us wrongly return our dear dead – the quaestor said again – but will finally be able to soothe our hearts. "For Cortese" we must remember without fear, it is important not to forget. The mafia exists to talk to young people about the mafia is a must and it is a civic duty. That's why we started a path of encounter. Today we have to talk, teach, think Paolo Borsellino. It's not just about talking but about honoring his victim and our agents. "The Commissioner also wanted to remember Rita Borsellino, the sister of the judge who disappeared last year, and" hugged her colleague Manfredi Borsellino, "Paolo's son, who is now a police officer.

Borsellino: Gigi D & # 39; Alessio in the police station for a debate on neomelodici

At the police station also the daughter of the magistrate Fiammetta, who then leaves, however. "I do not care." So he said, after being reminded in front of the police headquarters of Palermo on the beginning of the ceremony had waited for the victims of the massacre in Via D & # 39; Amelio, immediately after the arrival of the Neapolitan singer Gigi D & # 39; Alessio, who had been invited to the meeting debate as a guest along with others.

"We want the whole truth, no matter what the price. All this is not negotiable for us. We demand the truth at the level of families of the victims of massacres of mafia. "Police chief Franco Gabrielli, referring to the alleged misleading investigation, closed the ceremony on the anniversary of the massacre on Via D & # 39; Amelio at the police headquarters in Palermo, where Paolo Borsellino and the escorts were murdered. "I do not want the others – he added – we are the majority shareholders of the tragedies caused by the May 23 and July 19 massacres. Of the eleven civil servants killed in the state, eight belonged to our administration. "He adds," I have been informed by the school that people are being judged when their responsibilities are determined by fair and potentially fast trials. We wait for the processes to give us truths. We hope that they will not be so badly contaminated as the past experiences teach them. When we talk about certain things, it means that certain events have not been addressed with the right seriousness. We need to understand if this is due to performance anxiety or if there is something else. "

The Archbishop of Palermo, Corrado Lorefice, writes on Radio Italia at the Vatican:" July 19 is undoubtedly a date not only in the heart of Palermo, but also in the hearts of every person seeking justice, will be shaped. It must remind us that we can always keep the price of this blood, which is a very high price. We have to preserve the meaning of this blood. "Regarding the tone released recently by the Anti-Mafia Commission, in which Judge Borsellino complained in 1984 about the shortage of stockpiles, for Mons. Lorefice Kegel, words" which give the cold, because then we actually know what in "I think from this point of view, there is the urgency, the need for the institutions, especially the state, never to give up their vigilance and help us to continue to believe in justice and the operators of justice to assist because they are still there. Thank God …, "adds the Archbishop," Sometimes – he concludes – there is an anti-mafia of boasting, but these are people who are seriously involved with the state, with the institutions: it has them served with great loyalty because it wanted to serve faces and concrete men. Therefore it is necessary to keep highly guarded and really support the men who still remain free on this front today and say a word of liberation. "

The Italian hymn of soprano Marta Favaloro and the minute's silence after reading the names of the victims of the massacre on Via d & # 39; Amelio reminded on July 19 at 16:00 on the 27th anniversary of the massacre in the Via d & # 39; Amelio, where Paolo Borsellino, Agostino Catalano, Vincenzo Li Muli, Emanuela Loi, Claudio Traina and Eddy Walter were killed Cosina.On the stage on the street, family members of some of the victims of the mafia have not yet Mother of little Claudio Domino has learned justice, alternated.

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