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Willy Monteiro, Marco Bianchi goes to court: “He hit a Bengali”

Willy, Marco Bianchi goes to court:

He has to go to court next Thursday Marco Bianchi, one of both Brothers investigated for voluntary murder Willy Monteiro Duarte. Defendant for the first time. He accuses her of serious injuries. On May 1, 2018, when he hit a Bengali boy, he was not with Gabriele and Francesco Pincarelli and Mario Belleggia, who were in Via Buozzi on the night of September 5 to 6 Colleferrowhere Willy was massacred with kicks and blows. Two years ago there were other friends with Bianchi who were now accused like him. Even in this case the “herd”

; would have been hit hard. So much so that he was tried for serious injuries. A crime that is conceivable if the prognosis of doctors exceeds 20 days and for which one proceeds ex officio, ie without reporting.

Willy, the video of the whites before the beatings exclusively in Le Iene
Willy, the parents of the white brothers, risk jail. Three other friends are examined
The murder of Willy Monteiro led to the confiscation of the Bianchi brothers’ property

Otherwise, it is difficult for anyone between Colleferro and Artena to denounce the arrogance and arrogance of the two brothers as martial arts experts were known. Bianchi, incarcerated in Rebibbia, is likely to give up participation in the trial. The investigation into the other beatings, in which both brothers are involved, is still ongoing. While other details emerge about the violent context, that is the background of this story. Pincarelli’s father, who was tried on charges of extortion, for example, was convicted prior to the birth of his son Mario for hanging a man on a chain during a “debt collection” activity.
The Carabinieri are now conducting the investigation. More testimonials have been added in the past few weeks to define the responsibilities of the four suspects. Central are the words of Belleggia, who broke the pact of silence and is now under house arrest. The unrepeatable tests entrusted to Ris on the clothes of the suspects and the SUV seized by the whites begin on Wednesday.


The Velletri Investigative Judges’ signing of a precautionary warrant for the Bianchi brothers in prison never came before Willy’s death, but Artena’s two thugs, whose knowledge and business were concentrated between Velletri and Lariano, amassed a number of cases for which they were charged have been or will be brought to justice. The first call in the classroom is in a few days, Thursday in Velletri, and concerns the younger of the two, Marco. Together with two other people, he is said to have beaten a Bangladeshi man for trivial reasons. The first call was scheduled for June 26th but was postponed due to Covid. A total of seven other legal proceedings are pending with the Bianchi brothers.

On April 13, 2019, they would have beaten an Indian, even for this victim the forecast was more than 20 days. On this occasion, according to the reconstruction, they were sitting in the car with two other boys and as they whizzed through the streets of Velletri they almost came across a group of Indians crossing the street. “Are you crazy?” Said one of those who had just escaped danger and then the Bianchi brothers got out of the car and began to rage over the man who dared to protest, causing him serious injuries. The hearing for hitting the foreigner because of injuries worsened for in vain, in which Gabriele is also involved, is planned for May 14, 2021. Also for voluntary injuries (events in January 2018) the brothers were called to court on May 19, 2021. Marco will be on trial on January 15 for another episode of voluntary injuries that occurred in Velletri in 2016. While Gabriele had to pay a fine of one thousand euros for a 2017 controversial lawsuit for illegal possession of an illegal weapon.

In the meantime, a video has been released that was published exclusively by “Le Iene” and was shot in a car by the Bianchi themselves a few hours before Willy’s murder. These are two Instagram stories by Gabriele posted around midnight on Saturday September 5th: loud reggae tone music in the pictures, recorded in the car, Vittorio Tondinelli under investigation for aiding and abetting and two women appear to be seen. The brothers pass the family bistro in Artena. The car slows down, one of the whites yells at a boy: “You already know, and if you don’t know …”. The other replies: “You will know!” Bianchi replies: “Like brother!”

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