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Wind Tre: The All-Inclusive Go-and-Play Offering 360 – MondoMobileWeb.it Starts June 17, 2019 | Telephony | deals

From 17 June 2019 and until 21 July 2019, Wind Tre will propose two new annual offers for its two brands with which you can receive a bundle of minutes SMS and Giga with annual payment. For Wind, this is the new All Inclusive Go with a monthly package, while Tre will be offering the new Play Special 360 with an annual package .

Wind the new summer canvas proposes the operator All Inclusive Go with unlimited minutes, 200 SMS and 10 Giga in 4.5 G monthly for the annual price of 119.99 euros instead of 143.88 euros. In addition, Wind also adds 100 Giga as a gift for the summer usable until September 22, 2019. After this date, the action will be automatic disabled.

At the end of the 12 months which are included at the price of 119.99 euros, the offer is renewed monthly at a price of 11.99 euros per month. Therefore, for the first twelve months of the offer, annual cost of acquisition and then a monthly fee will be charged.

The activation costs for the All Inclusive Go annual offer are $ 0 instead of $ 15 for new customers if the new SIM card remains active for 24 months. The activation of the 100 Giga as a gift is also free, but is also deactivated if the compatible offer is deactivated. To activate the offer, the user must charge the entire amount on the SIM card, which will be deducted in a single payment.

Once the Giga is available each month navigation will be locked until the month next and the offer package will take precedence over the additional options. However, the free 100 Giga offering wind for the summer is counted in the All Inclusive Go bundle and therefore also have usage priorities that contribute to the monthly traffic in the bundle. Instead, unlimited voice traffic must adhere to the principles of good faith and fairness, and additional bundled text messages cost 29 cents each.

At Roaming within the European Union The customer can use his offer on the same national conditions for calls and SMS while the available traffic 4.4 Giga per month or by dividing the cost of undiscounted annual expenses by the twelve monthly installments

 Annual Wind Tre Offers

The new offering for the new Tre customers is called Play Special 360 and offers unlimited minutes to pay 2400 SMS and 360 Giga in 4G per year at a price of 119.99 euros per year in a single payment. In this case, the bundle is annual and not monthly.

Because they are the annual thresholds and do not cumulate, the customer can independently manage the bundle over the months. However, once the text message and traffic thresholds are exceeded, 29 minutes will be paid for each text message and 20 cents for each 20 MB without session opening. For unlimited minutes, the same principles of good faith and correctness apply again.

Also in this case it is necessary for the activation that on the SIM and the offer sufficient credit exists is understood as load of the remaining credit. Play Special 360, exclusive to new customers, has activation costs of $ 0, while the cost of the new SIM is $ 10.

At the end of the 365 days the option is renewed automatically with a renewed annual payment ; It is therefore necessary that there is sufficient traffic on the SIM card for both activation and renewal. Otherwise, the option will be suspended (using the Power29 plan) for a maximum of 180 days and then disabled.

For this reason, Play Special 360 will be extended at the end of the first twelve months, unlike Wind's offer, with a new annual payment.

Please note that for Tre new customers 4G LTE option which allows access to the 4G LTE high-speed data network of 3, is included in all consumer offerings starting from the April 1, 2019 were activated. For existing customers, the LTE option costs 1 Euro per month instead.

For roaming within the European Union, Play Special 360's traffic is also 4. 4 giga per month.

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