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With this device, the Nintendo Switch is compatible with DualShock 4 controllers!

In short, the exclusive titles for Nintendo Switch can be played with a controller for PlayStation 4 and vice versa thanks to a small device . Designed by a Japanese company! Have you ever considered using a controller to wander through the lands of Hyrule DualShock 4 ?

Super Converter is the latest creation of Columbus Circle a small Japanese company already known for other adapters and accessories for home and non-home consoles to bring every brand onto the market. The functionality of this useful device is not limited to those described above: It will be possible to control a PlayStation 4 with Wii and Wii controllers U and even a Nintendo Switch console with those of the previously mentioned consoles, developed by Kyoto House .

The software of the device is conveniently [19459008sein] updateable via a USB connection to a PC with Internet access, therefore, at least theoretically should have no problems with the compatibility before Release or due to software updates released for hybrid console by Nintendo.

This interesting adapter will be launched from the second half of July and will cost approximately € 50 [1] 9459009]. What do you think about Super Converter? Nintendo Switch games will benefit from compatibility with DualShock 4 or would you rather test the comfort of the Hybrid Controller's separate controller to play exclusive titles for PlayStation 4? [:19659005] (function (d, s, id) {
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