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Itchy eyes and scratchy throat? Welcome to the cotton allergy season of Western Washington

If your eyes have itchy, sticky, and swollen eyes, your nose is clogged or run, and you have a scratchy throat and headache that may not be bold. You may not fight a cold.

All these trees That makes the state of Washington so beautiful that he just took a big load of pollen, which was a burden for allergy sufferers.

On Friday it was 503 pollen, which according to Northwest Asthma & Allergy is at the top end of "high" center. On Saturday, when rain is expected, the number of pollen should also decrease, but from Sunday is expected to creep up again and stay up most of the next week.

Soon after the region has warm and dry weather for the first time, it appears as we did earlier this month with a whole series of days of record-breaking heat.

The biggest culprits today include alder, cedar, juniper and birch, according to pollen.com, which shows that the pollen index was low on 1

2 March w 2.8. The next day, the value rose to 8.5 and rose, according to data in the 9th and 10 years on. Anything over 9.7 on the index of the site is considered high value.

For many people, pollen is more of a nuisance than anything else, but for others, such as those who suffer from asthma or other respiratory diseases, this can increase the health risk. 19659002] Allergic reactions occur when a human's adaptive immune system has developed a memory that causes it to quickly build up a defense, says Marion Pepper, assistant professor in the immunology department of the University of Washington

. That's fine if an infectious disease is attempts to invade, but not if it's a harmless allergen.

"This memory response leads to this massive activation of the cells, leading to symptoms of allergic asthma, skin allergies or pollen allergies," Pepper told The Seattle Times. "We are all exposed to these allergens. It does not really understand why some people have a higher propensity to react than others.

It is believed that genetics and environment contribute to that, she said. And the misery comes in big numbers: "If you're allergic to something, you're actually allergic to several things," Pepper said.

Allergy experts say medications could bring relief because antihistamines block the body's response to the risk of attack by allergens. Nasal steroids block inflammation and can relieve symptoms.

Information from the Seattle Times Archives is included in this report.

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