We found this Sunday a particularly enticing TV sale. $ 200 for a 43-inch Toshiba Fire TV. With HDR support, this 4K LED TV is a Fire TV Edition device that lets you bark commands from your computer.

The TV is well rated, it praises the image quality and the language functionality, even if the viewing angle is not the biggest. Last month, we saw another Toshiba 43 "TV for just $ 1080, which seems to be a better deal, available from Amazon and Best Buy, the latter even offering open-box units for $ 185 US Dollars.

If you are looking for a bedroom TV, this is a good option, especially at the ubiquitous low price of $ 200 (the lowest value we could find for before was $ 250) Fire TV Edition does not require a Roku or Chromecast for your Smart TV needs, but it makes even more sense to be in the Echo / Alexa ecosystem, as you're likely to miss out on an echo in this room.