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It's finally possible to earn a hard-to-reach performance in the Stanley Parable

The achievements of video games are sought by the most stubborn fans who want to track down the most hidden secrets in some of the more obscure games. Some accomplishments can not be unlocked due to gameplay errors or errors, or because the content simply did not exist. In a certain case, there was an achievement that players really wanted to unlock, but so far could not. The Stanley Parable Outside and Play Performance Required That You Will Not Play the Game for Five Years

Creator of The Stanley Parable Davey Wreden, took on his Twitter account is to announce that only now a very hard-to-reach achievement from the game can be accomplished … that is, if you have not played the game for five years, you can now this achievement unlock.

This has taken a long time to come. This means that in order to achieve this specific goal you have spent some playing time with the game and then have to sit it for five years. The thing is, if you wanted to unlock the success, you would not have made it until today, because the game came on October 17, 2013 … five years ago to the day.

So, if you played and defeated The Stanley Parable (in any capacity) and then let the game play, you could immediately boot it up and unlock the "Go Outside" version.

For those of you who spend more time with the game and then let it sit, you have to wait until the date you last played it and then power it up to unlock the success.

Some people find this a nuisance, but the reality is that the entirety of The Stanley Parable should subvert the expectations of an interactive entertainment experience. It's different than any other game out there. You are not trying to kill zombies like Call of Duty or check checkpoints in Battlefield ; They are not trying to reach the finish line as in Gran Turismo or to unleash a major political conspiracy such as in Metal Gear Solid .

The Stanley Parable is a game about existentialism and choices. You can choose how the story unfolds and how far Stanley goes to fulfill what you consider a meaningful story. The game fantastically turns the whole of the narrative upside down and is one of the reasons why it has become a cult classic. It's like a less funny video game version of what you would expect from a David Lynch movie.

Having a performance reminiscent of half a decade of experience seems to be very much in line with the blurry lines the game took with dealing with life, choice, and the consequences of those choices. So, for those of you who have decided not to play the game for five years, maybe you decide to play it again to unlock this hard-to-reach achievement?

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