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"It's Just Weird" – Annie's Ring of Dwarf Galaxies Suggests We're Missing Something (Weekend Feature)

 Andromeda Galaxy

A string of 13 dwarf galaxies in orbit around the massive galaxy Andromeda – Remnants of the population of primordial structures that are coalesced to form giant galaxies like the Milky Way ̵

1; Spread across a flat galaxy than one million light years wide and only 30,000 light years thick-a distance so far that they have to complete a single orbit.

"It's a very unusual, unexpected configuration," said astrophysicist dr. Julio Navarro, at the University of Victoria in 2016. "It's so unexpected that we do not know what it's telling us. The fact that it is at all is pointing towards something profound. Somehow, they have a plane-like structure similar to a solar system. "

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Andromeda is awaiting new information on the formation of all galaxies. Twelve of the 13 dwarf galaxies – they range from 10 million to 100 million stars – are on one side of the orbital plane, as they are. Andromeda, "Navarro said.

" When we looked at the galaxies surrounding Andromeda, we expected 2018. Geraint F. Lewis at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy at the University of Sydney in 2018. "Instead, we've found that helped by Andromeda's satellites are orbiting together in an immense plane, which is more than a million light years in diameter but only 30,000 light years thick. These dwarf galaxies have formed a ring around Andromeda. This randomly is next to nothing. It really is just weird. "

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For several decades, astronomers have to use computer models to predict how they should galaxies orbit large galaxies, and every time they are found that should be scattered randomly over the sky. Andromeda.

Swarm of Faint Dwarf Galaxies Orbit the Milky Way – "Many More Hidden, Yet Discovered to Be"

"Now that we have found the majority of these galaxies orbit in a galaxy andromeda giant galaxy, it looks like there is something about it evolved that has them to trace out this peculiar coherent structure, "said Professor Lewis. "Dwarf galaxies are the most numerous galaxy type in the universe, so understanding why and how they form this disc around the giant galaxy is expected to shed light on the formation of galaxies of all masses."

The Daily Galaxy via Nature

Image credit: NASA

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