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It's the end of Paul Ryan's era in Republican politics

The tributes that come in for Paul Ryan sound like eulogy – for the retiring Speaker of the House and for the conservative vision that he and his allies have long represented.

Ryan's admirer ( and even President Trump who has a complicated relationship with Ryan) can not say enough about his achievements. And when it comes to his legacy, Ryan, who was the ideological architect of the Republican Party for most of the last decade, has a lot of defenders.

At the same time, however, almost everyone recognizes that Ryan is leaving several key policies that do not meet targets. There is mourning for the tax-conservatism that Ryan has proposed, or at least doubts about whether this move can survive.

"No way to portray this as anything but terrible," a national Republican told Buzzfeed News. "Not only is he a great speaker and respected leader ̵

1; in a body with few at this moment – but he must scare the donor world, who on earth will fill that gap?"

As hard as Ryan and other Republicans are touting the tax bill, which they have passed and Trump has signed, it is not the kind of income neutral plan that deficient hawks wanted, and it did not include some of the more basic tax code changes Ryan was interested in, such as a border settlement scheme that the Taxation of imports and exports. Successes in areas such as claims expenditures also remain elusive.

Many Republicans blame the renunciation of Ryan Republicanism and Trumpism, led by a candidate who has not promised to change their claims. Although he has an alleged ally in the executive, Trump has proven to be an unpredictable and unhelpful partner in the extent that he becomes weedy or even interested in conservative political struggles.

Minnesota billionaire Stan Hubbard, a longtime Ryan If you look at a president who is less focused on politics and tends to say and tweet things that distract from the party's agenda.

"He's a calm and prudent guy. This kind of leadership will be missed." Hubbard said about Ryan. "My dad always told me, 'Stanley, flies never come in closed mouths."

Others downplayed Trump as a factor in Ryan's decision.

"He has been in Congress for 20 years and he has always said he would go back and" to Wisconsin, a senior adjutant to a House Republican told Buzzfeed News. "Now he does that. Does Trump play a role in this? I think deep inside, the speaker I do not like the family and do not trust it, but I believe the family was its driving force. "

Another big party donor donating to several conservative groups said it was "exaggerated" to call the Republican Party a party by Trump, but recognized the loss of Ryan combined with the resignation of others, such as Rep. Jeb Hensarling of Texas, would violate the conservative cause. "It is very sad to lose someone with his incredible knowledge," said the donor. "He is really a man of great knowledge and unfortunately he has taken on a role that was not suitable for him, I can only hope that he will continue to be part of this fight."

Some even see a day when Ryan's Brand of republicanism is back in fashion.

"It's hard to believe this in the past is the last chapter in Paul Ryan's career," said Nick Everhart, a republican media consultant with extensive house experience, in an email The "Trump Era" will thwart thirsty executives like him.

It was not long before Ryan was the next big issue in Republican politics: Ryan was the co-author of the 2010 book Young Guns Two years later, when he was selected as a vice presidential candidate by Mitt Romney, he was celebrated in the party and in the media as a political won, which was a New Generation of Conservative, along with his colleagues Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy Leader he made the logical legacy of conservatism stronger three years later, though he reluctantly k) The Hammer as House Speaker

But Cantor is out of Congress after a surprise major damage in 2014 disappeared. And now Ryan is on his way out, meaning that within a decade two of the three Young Guns authors will have left politics.

McCarthy, who succeeded Cantor as majority leader, could follow Ryan if Republicans keep the house. And John Murray, a longtime adviser to Cantor, believes there is another group of leaders who will continue this conservatism that emerged in the Obama years.

"They have many people who came to Washington under the Young Guns program," said Murray, who hopes some of these members will rise. "There are still more of these members than these, these institutions are undergoing change, and we now only see one."

Bridging the various Republican factions – from the more classic mainstream financial conservatives like Ryan to tougher libertarians and the populist and Freedom Caucus types who rose from the Tea Party – a challenge, however, as Ryan found.

"If you take the burden of the speakers, they subject many of their personal political goals in order to fulfill the task of finding a compromise on the different opinions of a more than 400-member parliamentary chamber," said a former chief of staff of a Republican representative. "He mastered this task gracefully, and achieving one of his personal goals – reforming the tax code – is far more impressive for his legacy."

Other Republicans are willing to rate Ryan like that

"I mean, everything we've done in parliament since Trump's election and included in the law has Ryan paw prints on it," the Housekeeping Council said. "Like any member, we know that things are not perfect and that there are things you want to see, but my God, Ryan was able to pass a tax reform for the first time since Reagan took office, which was huge."

Ryan Ellis, a conservative tax adviser who has worked closely with the Republican House leadership, noted Ryan's reputation as a candidate for tough budgetary proposals when he chaired the Budget Committee, calling it a blueprint for any change in claims.

"He even went so far as to pass a bill to reform two of them – Medicaid and Obamacare – last spring," Ellis wrote in an e-mail. "But this effort has been derailed by a handful of short-sighted Republican senators … The silver lining is that there are not too many practical ways to reform the claim, and Ryan's budgets will provide a detailed plan when the policy next time is ripe. "

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