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It's time for Judge and Stanton to live up to expectations

TORONTO – It's time.

It's time to see if Aaron Judge can be more than just a one-hit wonder.

It's time to see if Giancarlo Stanton can be successful in New York's limelight.

It's time to see if this sloppy tandem, which already has comparisons with Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle, can live up to the hype.

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Judge and Stanton will beat places two and three The batting order on Thursday afternoon as the Yankees face a highly anticipated 2018 season with boone-or-bust expectations against the Blue Jays open at the Rogers Center.

Both come from brilliant seasons in which they combined 1

11 homers, the result: AL Rookie of the Year (judges) and NL MVP (Stanton).

But that's history now.


Aaron Judge wants to prove that he is more than just a beginner's feeling.

(Curtis Compton / AP)

"The last year is over," Richter said. "You can not take it with you."

Hal Steinbrenner speaks Aaron Richter, Greg Bird before the opening day

And so begins a new chapter and the pressure builds up.

"It's still the same thing" Judge said when asked to compare his position now when he was fighting for the starting job in spring training last year. "You still have to prove yourself."

For Judge, that means avoiding a second college downturn after becoming the face of baseball in his first year in the majors. And for Stanton, this means adapting to new pitchers and a new position (DH / LF) in the largest baseball market and living up to its enormous salary.

Stanton offered Judge advice.

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"I would say do not try to be better than he was last year," Stanton said. "Do not try to compare numbers or compare where you were last year, just build it up, trust yourself, trust your preparation, know that you'll do well, and align yourself well." Don & # 39; "

  Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge are likely to lean on each other throughout the season.

Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge are likely to lean on each other throughout the season.

(Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports)

Reggie Jackson seemed to give Stanton the best advice in the spring when Mr. October simply said, "Play well."

Like Jackson and A-Rod in front of him, Stanton may be faced with his share of adversity as the team's newest superstar. After all, A-Rod, who made his own transition to third base at Shortstop in the Bronx, hit his first pinstripe year on April 22 .206.

"They are not worried about the negativity," Stanton said. "You do not worry about what happens when I do that, what if that guy throws that at me, what if I have a bad series here? All those what-ifs are basically concrete have a positive attitude. "

Here is the Yankees' line-up against Blue Jays on Matchday

Stanton expects to play the outfield once or twice a week, depending on the matchups, when Aaron Boone decides to rest others.

"When I'm out there, I have to be locked up more because I do not have that many repetitions," Stanton said, spending more time than DH.

Boone appreciates Judges friendliness and competitiveness while feeling good about how comfortable Stanton is at his new environment, with a golden opportunity to make the playoffs for the first time in his career.

  Aaron Boone will work to keep track of Aaron Richter and Giancarlo Stanton despite great expectations.

Aaron Boone will work to keep Aaron's judge and Giancarlo Stanton on course despite great expectations.

(Lynne Sladky / AP)

"I think they're both in a great place, and I'm really excited they're both on my side," Boone said.

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Judge Brett Gardner said during a spring training session, "Hey, man, there was a lot of one-hit wonders, and I will not be one of them . " The veteran was caught completely unprepared.

"It came out of nowhere," said Gardner. "I did not say anything to provoke it, so it surprised me, but that's the kind of mentality he has, he's not happy with where he is or the season he had last year He is a hard worker and his mindset. " He will keep trying to get better.

Richter signed Brian Cashman, who acquired Stanton, and Stanton voluntarily renounced his no-trade clause to make the move from Miami to the Big Apple, embracing everything that goes with it. (19659002) Stanton says there are no friendly bets between them beating more homers.

Cashman: Yankees will not make anyone play first base

"No bets yet," he said.

The honeymoon phase is over It's time to see what Judge and Stanton have ready for 2018. The plate revolves around their production, but as long as they "play well," everything should be fine.

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