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It's time to come back to this

Was there an injury to the leg of coach LaFleur?

He goes again. He will have the golf cart nearby, but the plan is to train without him.

Good morning II, does Good ever drown his head and apologize for making your job so hard? … or even give you a head up … "Hey, sorry folks, tomorrow your inbox will be filled with a lot of angry people."

George from Fort Wayne, IN

In terms of nutrition, I can not imagine that Jaire and Kenny eat the same portions ̵

1; is it individualized? Are there specific diets / calorie intake for different position groups? The responsibility of the player? As someone who is familiar with the culinary and athletic fields, I have come to realize that this is a real challenge given that they are elite athletes with different needs, dietary restrictions, tastes and so on.

own plan. Former linebacker Ahmad Thomas can not eat meat, but he had to gain weight to complete his transition from college safety. They made it possible and have cooks available to prepare everything a player needs.

Elliot of Minneapolis, MN

When will a player become a veteran? Is it based on the number of years he plays in the league or on the general season?

The Packers define Veterans in the Media Guide as all players with a season accumulated. As a writer, I tend to call players "veterans" in their fourth season.

How many current players have, if any, an actual third contract? I tried to use various websites to find out what I thought was unsuccessful, as most players received extensions of second contracts with changed terms / finances.

Aaron Rodgers (overlap with two extensions) and Mason Crosby are the only two on their third contracts. Without players signing deals, Tramon Williams, Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis would be players with at least three NFL contracts. Anthony from Southington, CT I know he is a specialist Will Hunter Bradley be considered a substitute for another position?

He came close to a few ACLs.

Steven from Silver Spring, MD

Lowry's commitment puts class 16 in focus. There was a lot of concern about Ted's final designs. With the contract of Lowry, Kenny Clark and Martinez as legitimate players being paid here or anywhere, and Trevor Davis, who may be playing in special teams on a traveling year, class # 39 does not look bad.

Not to mention Kyler Fackrell's show last year. I tried to tell you.

Wes, does the Digital and Broadcasting Department make an introduction to the first team meeting? If so, who gets the most applause between you, Spoff, Larry and now KUUUUUHN?

We only made it this year, but I suppose John would be a favorite if we ever did it again. [19659003] Who do you think will be the toughest opponent this season?

The prelude in Chicago. It is a racing game with high stakes. I start there. The game in Kansas City will also be a great test.

In response to Al from Green Bay, football is good on television, but even better in person. Can you smell the leaves through your TV? Can you see the darkening clouds on your TV above the stadium? Can you feel the cold that says winter is on its way? The television can tell you everything about the game, but it can not personalize the experience. Being there makes the game a personal experience. And memories make us rich.

And for each his. If you really do not want to be there, there is a list of 100,000 who are waiting to sit in this place.

If you think about how you could spread 16 games around the world, you have the obvious cities that would probably draw a crowd in London, Mexico City, Munich, Paris, Rome, Rio, etc. But there is World cities in which you would really like to play?

First of all, I want to go to London. I have never been to the UK. My honorable mentions would be Tokyo or Shanghai.

We always hear of the Packers Bears rivalry and their generations of memories, and rightly so. But what about Packers Lions? What are some of your favorite parts of their collective history?

It must have been the Packers' winning streak at Lambeau Field, which bridged Jason Hanson's entire career and Green Bay as the winner of the game in Detroit, back to NFC North in 2016.

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