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It's turtle time: ANA's new A380 safety video

ANA has just started the service with their Airbus A380. The airline has ordered three of these aircraft and will use them exclusively for flights between Tokyo and Honolulu.

What's really cool is how ANA addresses this A380. Instead of just integrating them into the fleet, they really stand out. Each ANA A380 is equipped with a special flying honu finish.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, "Honu" is a Hawaiian term for sea turtles, and ANA declares that they are considered sacred beings in Hawaii, and those who behold them should be blessed with good luck. ANA also wants that when their customers fly from / to Hawaii.

Each of the A380 is painted in a different color scheme. Lani is the blue plane, Kai is the green plane, and Lā is the orange plane.

On the occasion of the inaugural service for the ANA A380, ANA has started a new safety video. This has been screened on the A380 since take-off and will be available on other routes from 1 June 2019.

Here is the new security video:

[19659002] This video is in my opinion enchanting. I think we need more safety videos with no-thumb characters because it's ridiculously cute to watch the characters put on safety belts and turn phones off.

So many airlines are bothering with safety videos these days, and in some cases, I think they are putting too much effort into making the videos unnecessarily long, inserting too much humor, etc. At ANA, they just stick to the basics and have a cute graphic.

I also like how the security video contains the warning "While evacuating, photography is prohibited." While safety videos state by default that everything has to be left behind during emergency evacuation (and this can not be overstated) this is the first call I've seen in a security video that specifically states that you should not take photos during an evacuation.

What do you think of ANA's security video on turtles?

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