During his well-received set at the Dreamville Festival, J. Cole took a moment to reflect on the life and heritage of Nipsey Hussle. "I have to take time on stage and acknowledge someone who has had a big impact on the community, the F-Ckin world," he told the crowd before releasing his performance "Love Yourz" to Nipsey's everlasting image ( in his character).

Fittingly, "Love Yourz" from 201

4's Forest Hills Drive, is a song about eternal reflections. The intimacy of the song is lost when played in front of thousands of concertgoers that matter.

Mind you, a thoughtful J. Cole chose "Love Yourz" for a reason: because of the didactic powers hinted at in the last bars of the song. "Heart beatin 'almost, let a n– – I know he lives / fakes, – crazy snakes, snakes in the grass let it know and know he has arrived." He knocks to "Love Yourz "with a softer, more reflective voice.

Before tackling "Love Yourz," J. Cole asks 40,000 Cole was one of the first of Nipsey's rapper colleagues to extol his death on August 31. "I respect and admire your career path and what you did for the neighborhood, my heart broke today when I saw the news," he wrote on Twitter. RIP Nipsey.