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J. J. Watt calls NFL for younger brother T.J. is met with a monstrous fine

The NFL managed to upset two Watt brothers one day this week, and it all happened because the League decided to hire T.J. Watt with a monstrous fine on Friday.

According to ESPN.com, T.J. Watts was fined $ 20,054 for "violent beatings in the knee area or below". The hit came on hawk quarterback Matt Ryan during the second quarter of Pittsburgh's 41

-17 win in Week 5.

After ESPN reported the punishment, one of the first people to comment on the matter was J.J. Watts, and let's just say that TJ's older brother was not happy: Watt referred to the NFL's decision to punish his brother as "madness."

Afterwards, the Texan star challenged the League's decision to punish his brother for striking Ryan.

J. J. Watt may sound like a defensive elder brother here, but the truth is, he's right.

On the game in question, T.J. He stumbled forward when he came from his blocker and did his best to avoid Ryan. In fact, the Steelers linebacker has made no contact at all.

After the game, T.J. Watt said he did everything to avoid hitting the quarterback.

"I understand the rules, I'm not a dirty player", T.J. Watt said about ESPN.com. "I tried to pull it off in the end, whether or not the ref saw, I understand why they call it, it was a low hit, but I tried to take my arms off … it puts us in a shackle because I do not know what else I can do. "

More about the NFL

TJ Watts penalty was one of several calls that angered Steelers coach Mike Tomlin in the game. After the victory Tomlin tore the acting crew.

"Man, these penalties cost people games and jobs, we need to correct them," Tomlin said. "And that's why I'm pissed off to be completely honest with you, but that's all I'm going to say."

The NFL finally leveled Tomlin $ 25,000 for his comments which means the league will receive $ 45,000 in regular fines from the Steelers this week. Of course, could change if T.J. Watt wins his appointment .

On the other hand, if T.J. wins his appeal, he might have J.J. for a small loan. Since T.J. is still on his novice contract, the $ 20,054 penalty equates to about 38.5 percent of his $ 52,108 weekly salary. For J. J., a $ 20,000 fine would be less than four percent of his weekly base salary ($ 647,058).

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