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Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith reveal why they do not consider themselves "married."

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The Smith family let their fans see again what went on behind closed doors after all these years.

In the latest issue of Red Table Talk Willow Smith Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith are experiencing a dark time in their family history since the year in which Jada turned 40. "I think the turning point in our relationship happened to me when I turned 40," Jada said. "At that time I had a mid-life crisis."

Will, who felt that he had the answer to their problems, devised a grand plan to surprise her with a documentary film about Jada's never-before-seen tapes of her grandmother. "It would be a splash!" Mary J. Blige perfumed, debuted the movie, all that. It was the thing that got her out of this midlife crisis, "he thought

But as the big one Day came, Will was annoyed that Jada gave him a reaction he had not expected. He recalled, "So, Jada had to sit here and listen ̵

1; I understand it very well at the time when I did not – but she listens to those never heard tapes of one of the most cherished people she has ever encountered in her life Before all these people, she keeps it together. "

After his great revelation, Jada said she just wanted to have" intimate time "to think about the video and that he should cancel any other birthday plans he had made for her Will's disappointment. "It was like," It's my birthday, right? "And she told me that the party was the most ridiculous portrayal of my ego, crushed, and until today I know that I was crushed because of it It was not a party for them, "he explained.

But, because he did not understand her decision at the time, he remembered that he had "caught". Will said, "I snatched up in front of Willow, just in her childhood, she ever saw me catch her and I saw her look and Willow started to cry." I was like, "Baby, I'm sorry." It's like 'just find it out! You people, please, find out!' "

This proved to be a crucial moment for Jada, who had learned to" have the courage, just no "

" I had to have the guts to disentangle it, and I realized that these next 40, I have to do it my way, this next half has to be photographed by myself, "explained Jada.

She added, "There was so much that I did not live, so much authenticity, I think there are many more people who lead a life that is not faithful to them I understand, there is no judgment, I did it. "

Jada admitted that this was partly because she was trying so hard to" give an idea "to Will. Unfortunately, this also applied to Willow, who had to struggle with her own identity at a young age. Will talked about his pride in Willow as she went on tour for "Whip My Hair" until one day she confessed how unhappy she was.

"It was like," Okay, I'm done, daddy. "I said," Sweetie, you can not handle it. You know you've committed yourself. "She said," But I'm done. "I was like," No honey, but you can not finish, you have a commitment to Mr. Jay-Z . "" No Daddy, you have made a commitment to Mr. Jay Z. "

Willow did not remember it, but Jada remembered," You were like, "Papa is it does not matter that I'm done? & # 39;

And Will remembered telling her, "Yes, sweetheart. It is very important, but it does not work.

  Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith

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"She came down the next day and shaved her head. I thought, 'Does she know what she's doing? & # 39; Such was a deep protest, "Will said." What it did for me was that I had a crazy realization right now. I built what I wanted for her and she tried to say all sorts of ways: "I do not want that." I was like & # 39; I understand it. & # 39; For the first time, I saw what Jada had said, that he had hidden behind my ego, my dreams, my desires, and done as his love did, and realized that she did not want anything that I had built.

Even through the drama of everything, however, they never considered divorce an option, and despite media reports, Jada insisted, "I've never seen a divorce lawyer. It never was like that – it never crossed my mind. "

And Will felt the same way." I was divorced before, I was not divorced again. Divorce was not an option. There was a time when I was afraid that she might, "he said. [1965-03] Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith “/>


Jada assured that she and Will would not believe that anything was involved with the divorce She said, "I do not want to run this table, which makes people feel that the divorce is wrong. Sometimes that's what you need to know about your situation and yourself, right? "

Nonetheless, and Jada knew they had to work hard to settle their marriage, Will said," I was on Soil destroyed, worse than a divorce. We parted in our marriage and came together again and had to rewrite with new rules – something completely different. "

To fix their relationship, Will said," I worked for myself. I have 50 books on marriage and relationships and behavioral psychology, I did not want to fail in this marriage, but I closed for two years to see what I was doing wrong. "

Now, years later, the two have changed a lot who they are and how they see their relationship." We do not even call each other married anymore, "Jada said," It's a life partnership in the sense that Together, we've created a foundation that we know is for this life. "

At the end of their discussion, Will said to Jada," Do you know why I never got divorced? "19659004]" It's cheaper, "Jada joked."

"Because I've never met someone like you before, and I knew that if I was not with you, I would search in vain for the rest of my life, Will said.


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