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Jake Marisnick gets a ban for two games

Astros Outfielder Jake Marisnick was suspended and fined for two games as Jonathan Lucroy broke his nose and injured the Halos catcher, the league announced on Thursday. If Marisnick does not appeal against the punishment, he will serve her tonight.

"After thoroughly reviewing the game from all angles, I've come to the conclusion that Jake's actions justify discipline," said Joe Torre, MLB Chief Baseball Officer, announcing the announcement. "Although I do not believe Jake intended to hurt Jonathan, the contact he made while trying to score a goal violated the official baseball rule 6.01 (i), with which the catcher escaped [1

9659003] In the piece in question (video link) Marisnick tried to score in a flyout against Kole Calhoun . While the impact of the collision caused Lucroy to drop the throw from the right field, Marisnick was still excluded from the collision. Lucroy seemed to have left an alley open, although Marisnick stated on Twitter after the incident that he misjudged the situation when he made a split second decision:

"Through my eyes I thought the piece would go to land on the outside of the plate. " Marisnick tweeted. "In fractions of a second, I decided at full speed to first push my head onto the inner part of the plate. That decision hurt another player and I feel terrible. I hope nothing but the best for [Jonathan Lucroy]. "

The lock would cost Marisnick approximately $ 24,000 in salary this season of $ 2,212 million (in addition to the fine). This season, Marisnick has played 72 games and 194 record appearances, scoring eight home runs, twelve doubles, one triple and six thefts.
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