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Jamal Adams: Jets need more "dogs" to become contenders

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Jamal Adams has never withheld his opinion before, not when talking to GM Mike Maccagnan about the future of jets. And Maccagnan should listen better, because Adams is right.

This jets team does not have nearly enough good players in their squad. And with $ 100 million in salary caps to spend, it's better to find some good ones if they really want this team to compete.

"You have to pick players, man," Adams said in the locker room. Jets finished their season with a horrible 38-3 defeat to the New England Patriots. "You have to find big players, you have to look for names, it's easy, you look at the top teams, you look at the saints, you look at the Rams, you look at the Chicago bears, look at all these teams … Come on, man, you have to get players. "

The jets just do not have enough of what Adam called" dogs. " That was obvious all season, looking at their lineup. With the exception of Adams, they have no star; They have no game-changing players. and they do not have to plan the teams on either side of the ball.

Or, as one NFL manager told SNY last week, "Which guy in your team scares you? Attacking or Defending Who's the one guy the opposing coordinator needs to take care of and against the board? no guy. "

23-year-old Adams sees this when he looks around the Jets changing room. That's why he insisted all season that what happened to the jets was not the fault of Todd Bowles. He knew his coach was not playing a fully stacked deck.

"It's nothing against the players who are here," Adams said. Great teammates of mine, great brothers, and we have talent, but we are not quite there in certain places, you can not beat around the bush, man, that's why we lost, we did it, beat around the bush You do not have to mess around with it, you have to be real with yourself. "

Here is the reality check: The jets have no weapons of aggression and no one who can overthrow the passerby. For this reason, they have to make a run at Le Veon Bell the superstar free agent back-back. And then they have to sign a defensive monster like DeMarcus Lawrence or Jadeveon Clowney or Dante Fowler depending on who is actually available. You also have to take advantage of their high train pick and pick a star. Do not be shy and not cheap.

You have a team of deep players and role players. They do not need that anymore.

Adams also wants to do his part. He said he would be an active recruiter. And yes, "Bell is one (he wants), obviously, but there are so many people."

He only needs Maccagnan to do his part ̵

1; if necessary, to spend or even overspend – whatever is needed to convince the existing stars, the New York Jets are the right place. And he'll speak openly because he's passionate and smart and realizes that he's about to enter his third NFL season.

He knows the jets will not last forever to get this thing right.

I'm just trying to maximize a chance, "Adams said," because this game is not running anymore. It does not wait for anyone. I understand that. "

Maccagnan and the Jets need to understand that too, the reconstruction seems to have gone on forever, they've found their franchise quarterback, and that's the hardest piece you can find, now they have to be Sam Darnold and surround Adams with the players they deserve – they need bigger names, bigger players, and bigger "dogs."

Otherwise, they'll never play in bigger games.

"We've finished Season 4-12. That's my standard. It should not be the jets standard, "said Adams." It has to change. You have to bring players here, man. It is so easy. It is not rocket science.

"I will not sit here and say we have talent, we have a lot of talent in the team, but not many dogs in the team, we just do not do it."

Now it's up to Maccagnan to find her, and you have "damn right" that Adams will tell him that. This could be the biggest and most important off season in jets history. You have to treat it like this.

You must be the big dogs in free mediation so that all the big dogs want to play for them.

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