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James Comey: House GOP Russia probe "a wreck"

The committee also published an edited document of the Democratic Opposition stating that collusion existed and that Republicans did not investigate important aspects of the matter.

Asked on NBC's "Meet the Press" if the committee met "a good investigative purpose" Comey replied, "Not that I can see," adding that the probe was politicized, and it destroyed the committee, and it damaged relations with FISA Court, the intelligence services. It's just a wreck. "

Trump tweeted that on Friday night he reported he supported his allegations that the allegations his campaign had interfered with Moscow in Moscow are not true."

"The House Intelligence Committee decides that between the Trump Campaign NO COLLUSION exists and Russia " Trump wrote " As I have said all along, all this is a big fraud of the Democrats based on payments and lies. There should never have been any special advice. Witch Hunt! "Trump wrote on Twitter.

Comey disagreed with the President's allegations when asked on Sunday if they agreed with his views.

" That's not my understanding of what the facts were before me the FBI left, and I think most important work is the one the Special Adviser is doing now, "said Comey.

Comey, who was fired by Trump in May, is on a publicity tour to release his newly published memoir" A Higher Loyalty: To Promote Truth, Lies, and Leadership, A Critical Portrait of the President In the book, Comey calls Trump "unethical" and "untruthful," and compares his presidency with a "forest fire." [1
9659008] The book triggered a furious reaction from Trump, who repeatedly attacked the former FBI director on Twitter a "liar" and a "liar"

Asked on Sunday if he Trump would be considered a credible witness if the President would sit down for an interview with Special Adviser Robert Mueller, Comey said, "I have serious doubts about his credibility."

"Whether he was under oath or not?" Asked the host Chuck Todd?

"Right," said Comey. "And sometimes people who have serious credibility problems can tell the truth when they realize that the consequences of not being noticed in an interview or on the grand jury are bad, but you would have to go in with a healthy feeling that they're lying to you.

Jeremy Herb of CNN contributed to this report.

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