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James Holzhauer wins 24th "Danger!" Game, set a new record

Trivia All-Star James Holzhauer again paid $ 86,905 on Tuesday for his 24th win in a row on "Jeopardy!" And raised his total to $ 1,867,142 from "Jeopardy!", Which has been around for almost 50 years is broadcast.

"James could not be caught – what else is new?" Joked host Alex Trebek.

The 34-year-old professional player has already overtaken the candidate Roger Craig, who had already set the single-day record in 2010 at $ 77,000. Holzhauer defeated Craig on April 9, earning $ 110,914 in a game and breaking his own record of $ 131,127 on April 17.

At this rate, it is now on average above Craig's old record of nearly $ 78,000 per game.

Another strong competitor to beat is computer scientist Ken Jennings, who took home over $ 2.5 million in 2004 in a series of 74 wins.

Earlier this week, Jennings wrote a comment in the Washington Post in support of Holzhauer

I'm the only one living who knows first-hand how difficult it is to do what Holzhauer does, and for that reason I'll finish it, "Jennings said. "I may have some" Jeopardy! "Plates, but basically I'm just a fan of the show, and for any real Jeopardy! Fan, this series is something special."

Additional coverage by Keith Williams

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