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Jamie Gillan, The Scottish Hammer, beats Britton Colquitt for Brown's Punting job. Couple with Austin Seibert

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Jamie Gillans & # 39; sweet little vision & # 39; became true.

After the Lions' 20-16 victory on Thursday night, the Browns freshman, lovingly known as & # 39; the Scottish Hammer & # 39 ;, recognized how cool it would be if he and rookie kicker Austin Siebert would have the chance to become the kick duo of the future for the Browns?

"Oh, my sweet little vision, you know?" He said with a Scottish accent. Yes, it would be cool, it would be fantastic to be with Austin everyday, very like-minded when it comes to working on our craft. "

Gillan got over it on Saturday afternoon informing that he had beaten 1

0-year-old veteran Britton Colquitt for this job, and surprised people who thought he was a breech and maybe a bit of a gimmick, the news that Seibert, Okahoma's fifth choice of Browns, was Severing went 6-for-7 on field goals, missing only 52 and 6-for-6 on extra points.

As for Colquitt, the Browns are expected to see him at 16.00 if they can not trade it.

"If I get the chance to be in this team, that would be great," Gillan said Thursday night, "I do not feel like I did anything, I have just a ba llclub founded. I have to go and be the best punter I can be and get the team to peak performance, you know? I've worked my butt. "I think I could not have done it anymore."

Gillan became a serious contender for the job when he scored in Tampa with three in the 20 and a lead of 44 yards on six punts But he still had to pass an exam: he had to prove that he could bring the ball to its knees and be an adequate holder for Siebert, who had missed several kicks in training with Gillan Holding.

Night against the Lions, with all four of Seibert's kicks – two field goals and two extra points.

He can not hold it, Gillan said, "but we work in practice all the time and so it was good to go out and do it in the Practice. Game. "

Coach Freddie Kitchens stated after the Lions game that Gillan was up and down with a net average of 33.3 and did not know if his waiting time was sufficient. But he was pleased that he had helped Seibert to a great night.

"At least this time he will not be held responsible (for involvement)," he said. Overall, Gillan poked 17 times in the preseason for 793 yards and 41.4 net average. He finished six places in the 20 and had a long of 74.

"Last week I had a nice week with more consistency," he said on Thursday. "I had some good punts (Thursday). It was a bit tricky when I first really poked in this stadium, you know, like a complete game. I do not know if you were out there, it was pretty weird. You have stuff that way and it blows that way, so everything was kind of crazy. But it was good, it was a great experience. He vowed not to drive the cuts out, though most people expected Colquitt, the Browns-Punter since 2016, to keep his job.

"I had a fantastic time," said Gillan, a Scotland-born rugby player who played his college ball in Arkansas Pine-Bluff. "I've learned so much, I can only thank the Browns, and I'll be there for whatever happens, it's a cutthroat business, you can be an incredible player, but you can still be cut, I have my best A big old-fashioned smile on his face, that was a great experience. "

Seibert, who had to pull out of his tail in the last two weeks to beat Joseph, watched as Gillan made great strides as a keeper – something he's never done before.

"When he first came to the rookie minicamp, his stock just jumped a lot better," Seibert said. "That's a prop for him, because he does not was in college. Our chemistry comes together. Completely new and mastered in four months, are important props for his hard work.

He also enjoyed the idea of ​​teaming with Gillan as the Browns kicker of the future.

"Yes, and I hope that's the plan," he said, "I just want to help this team win in every possible way. So we'll see what happens.

Gillan not only used the poking and holding, but also his rugby experience on Thursday night to force two special teams to a duel, one with a jump-off and one with a free kick.

"Oh, absolutely," he said. "Yes, because I actually know how to approach it and where to put my head, shoulders and posture. Yes, definitely (rugby helps). "

And if the Browns need a really long field goal, they could do it too. That's pretty handy too.

" I hit a 70 last week for fun, but it was a bit of wind behind me, "he said," It was a lot of fun, just playing around, Colquitt and I had a good pastime. Obviously, it's much easier to throw field gates off the sticks, there's no one around you and all. That's just it. "Show someone how far you can go."

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