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Jamie is unsettled by "Separation Issues" in Mrs. Elizabeth's family

The Experiment Married at first sight may have just begun for Jamie Thompson and Elizabeth Bice, but the honeymoon is officially over.

In the brand new episode of the Lifetime Reality Show on Wednesday (produced by (Kinetic Content), Jamie was able to experience an awkward meeting with his new in-laws and realize how much they really are with his life

Dad Ronnie started the bombshell and asked his new son-in-law, right when he was ready to change his last name.

"No, I'm not," Jamie said with a laugh. But Ronnie said it was really serious. "We talked about her hyphenation and all these other things, but since it's only four letters, we were hoping you'd like us to take our surname," he said.

However, Jamie was not about to change his mind and told Ronnie to tell him, "I mean, we've only known each other for 24 hours and are already at a crossroads in our relationship?"

After Jamie asked the Having dropped surnames, he again touched a sore spot for his new father-in-law when he told him about Elizabeth, "I like her energy. She has a great sense of humor. We can just lie there and do nothing. "

Ronnie shut it down immediately, when I say it burnt my ears when I heard his daughter lie down with a man." 1

9659002 That's my heart he can not have it, if you can not say so, I'll take care of it, "he said. "I could not stand watching you kiss her last night. I am very protected by my daughter, so that all the lips on her face upset me. When the garter arrived, I had to turn away. I could not even see it. That's still my little girl. It still makes me a bit sad, because I know that you will take along a part of her life that I always had.

Jamie was definitely intimidated by the conversation and wondered what kind of relationship he and his wife could have between so much family luggage.

"I can say that her dad has a lot of separation issues with his daughter, and I'm honestly just sitting there and asking, "Where do I fit in?" because when it comes to him, where is there room for me? he wondered.

Married at first sight (produced by Kinetic Content) will air on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm ET on Lifetime.

Credit: Lifetime

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