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Jane Fonda thinks about Vietnam, & # 39; 9 to 5 & # 39; Sequel – Variety after

Jane Fonda had a five-decade career as an actress, but before she became involved in anti-war activism after the Vietnam War, Fonda says her life is "eventful," but not so meaningful.

"I was some kind of pretty girl who made films," Fonda said on the Television Critics Association panel for her upcoming HBO documentary "Jane Fonda in Five Acts." "When I decided to engage with the anti-war movement everything has shifted – everything, just as I looked at the world and other people I referred to … Everything has changed."

At that time, remembered Fonda, she met some American soldiers in Paris who told her what they had seen and done in the war. Prior to this experience, she admitted that she was "completely uninvolved" in anything political and "did not even know where Vietnam was". She had also believed that when men fought, they stood "on the side of the angels". "

" I did not like that there were men in France who knew it better than me, "she said." The coin has shifted. I said, "I feel betrayed by the leadership of this country, we have been lied to, and I want to do everything I can to expose it."

Fonda then became a strong part of the anti-war movement; She was photographed sitting in 1972 on an anti-aircraft gun, which earned her the nickname "Hanoi Jane".

"I am proud that I went to Vietnam at that time, but what I say in the film is true: I am so sorry that I was unthinking to put my gun on it at the time. which sends to the guys who were there and their families is terrible for me to think about, "she said. "Sometimes I think, 'Oh, I wish I could do it' because there are things I would say differently now."

Like Fonda's memoir, Doc "Jane Fonda in Five Acts" immerses herself in what she learned from her work as an activist and as an actress.

"I would not use the word revolution now, but constant change [is important to me]," said Fonda. "I'm only 80 and there are still a few decades left to be lucky, and why live if you do not learn and grow and change me? … You may not be able to make your life longer but you can do it deeper and further. "

On the show side, a key project that had a lasting impact on Fonda was" 9 to 5 ", the 1980 movie that explored the hardships faced by women at work at that time. Fonda is involved in the upcoming sequel as an executive producer and plans to be there as well. She said that she actually thinks it is worse for women in the workplace today in many ways.

She remarked, "You worked for the company – you were hired by the company, and when you have problems, you've joined the company." But today, if there's a problem, there's a lot of hiring many employees are not sure who to contact. In addition, she added, elements such as social media allow employees to be spied on more easily.

However, Fonda said she believes that "sexual harassment will decrease because the boys are afraid."

The plan for the upcoming reboot is now Follow the original and immerse yourself in such topics by focusing on a dynamic group of strong female characters. If the film does not do that, Fonda said, "I will not be there, but now Dolly [Parton] Lily [Tomlin] and I all want to be in there."

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