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Red Bull "It's not a violation of the rules when the secret of Ferrari's speed is fuel" []

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Motorsport consultant Helmut Marco of Red Bull has said that it did a good job when there's a secret that Ferrari's F1 engine exerts overwhelming horsepower and say it's not breaking the rules.

Ferrari had to fight unexpectedly in the opening race, but in the second race of the Bahrain GP the first row in the qualifiers was monopolized, and in the final there were no engine problems, the speed with which Charles Leclerc wins with a margin I have shown

It is estimated that the difference between Ferrari and other engine manufacturers is 40 hp, and some have already said that Ferrari has surpassed the 1

000 hp wall.

Everyone is trying to find out the secret of Ferrari's speed, but some are wondering if the shell and the fuel they have developed have this secret.

Red Bull's team boss Christian Horner said, "Ferrari fuel smells like grapefruit juice" and doubts its legitimacy.

Last year it was assumed that Ferrari's Formula 1 unit was dominated by a complex dual battery system, and the FIA ​​has rigorously monitored its legitimacy.

Adrian Neuway, Chief Technical Officer of Red Bull, says: "In fact, we have kept the FIA ​​in the final regulatory hole."

Helmut Marko also considers Ferrari's "fuel odor", but has expressed the opinion that he does not violate the rules.

"It's true that the strange smell from Ferrari's garage is a fact," commented Helmut Marco Auto Image .

"But it smells more like strawberry than grapefruit."

"I think Ferrari has found the perfect fuel distribution for an internal combustion engine, he has done a great job, everyone else has to improve, and the car does not break regulations."

The role of fuel suppliers in performance F1 engines have been increasing in recent years.

Ferrari's fuel and oil supplier Shell says it has worked aggressively from the concept phase on so Ferrari can design a chassis that is as compact as possible, which means Ferrari has smaller fuel tanks and better fuel tanks Heck packaging approved, contributing to weight reduction and aerodynamics.

Benoit Poulet, Shell's F1 fuel development manager, commented, "If the fuel diversion is the same, the frame and many compromises will be maintained."

"But integration with chassis has been increasing since last year and we have more chassis and compromises integrated to improve overall design performance. "

Fuel and Oil for Red Bull ExxonMobil, a fuel supplier, also develops fuel with Honda. ExxonMobil has developed and tested more than 36 engine oils and more than 40 fuel variations for the 2019 season.

David Tulsaki, Global Motorsport Technology Manager at ExxonMobil, says he pushes to the limit to introduce the best possible product.

"Now we are working on when we can introduce the next upgrade plan and when we can test with Dynamo"

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