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Jared Goff sees "a lot of good and a lot of bad" in the loss to Buccaneers – ProFootballTalk

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Rams quarterback Jared Goff scored 517 passes (for the eighth time) on 68 passes (for the third time) and 45 (for the first time) against Tampa Bay. But the Rams lost the game 55-40 and undermined Goffs success significantly.

On Monday, Goff said he had achieved both positive and negative results in his performance.

very bad, "Goff told reporters. "I think there are some pieces that I thought were very good and some very bad, and I think you try to rate each one according to their own entity, not to summarize them, we fell back, I think it was 68 times or so, maybe even 70, including a sack or something, you try to take that with a grain of salt, because you know it's a slightly different sample size, and again, there were a few things that I'm very happy with There were a lot of things in the passing game where I was in front and the receivers were actually good, but it was not enough to win, we have to get much better. "

Goff was pleased with the team's ability to to emerge from a 21-0 deficit to make the game interesting.

"I think there are many things that are surprisingly good. They take off from this game, especially from a point of view that we are late in this spi el, "said Goff. "To bring us all the way back from this hole is rare, we were about to finish it and unfortunately we did not, there is no moral victory, but many teams are buried early and can not get off. Unfortunately, we were there, but it was not enough, I think, as we said earlier, it's all about getting everything rolling, staying smooth, and trying to eliminate some of the mental bugs and things that easily happen

The deep hole that required a heavy hole The emphasis on mating made Goff feel like he was back in Berkeley.

"[I] I did not feel like a college," he said. "It felt very much like Cal, I know that this is not a world we want to live in, but that it is not designed for success Unfortunately, we were down early and needed to use that as our game board, and I do not think so that we want to live afterwards. "[19659003] Despite numerous criticisms of Goff's mistakes on Sunday's defeat, Chris Simms saw many positive results from Goff's performance. The attached clip from Simms & # 39; Unbuttoned Podcast goes into this point.

Regardless of Goff's overall victory, the 3-1 Rams must now make the quick turnaround for a divisional showdown against the Seattle Seats 3-1 Seahawks on Thursday night. More important for the game is the fact that the 49er are 3-0 in first place in the NFC West.

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