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Jared Kushner provides a detailed document for the Middle East, says Trump "will be proud"

However, he gave vague details about what the plan will bring during the 45-minute talk at the Washington Institute. He called it a "detailed document" that is and will be "realistic, executable." It's much better for both sides. "

" We have, I would say, a more detailed operational document that shows what we think is possible, how people can live together, how security can work. "How interaction can work and how you are trying to set the framework for a better future," said President-Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior advisor on Thursday. He described the evaluation phase of his team, adding that they were also created a "business plan" outlining their economic vision for the region.

He acknowledged that peace in the Middle East is "probably one of the most difficult issues that may exist in the world", but projected optimism regarding this operational document and said, "If people look at it with a new perspective, I'm Spinning There will be many opportunities to start a new discussion, and hopefully this will lead to a breakthrough. "

It is widely expected that the plan will focus on Palestinian economic development rather than political goals. Trump government officials have avoided referencing a "two-state solution" as they talked about the much-anticipated plan, instead saying that they are giving up "old" ideas.

"I think the vision we envision represents a significant change from the model used," said Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo on April 1

2 to Jake Tapper of CNN. "Our idea is to submit." a vision that has new, different, unique and unique ideas that try to formulate a tough and persistent problem that has been addressed by several administrations, including several administrations in Israel.

A High Level Diplomatic Source From a US ally familiar with discussions about the plan, CNN stated that the Kushner Plan was probably not extensive.

"Do not Expect" two states

"Do not expect a two-state solution," said this source, "Expect a chance for the Palestinians to make investments outside if they agree."

The government now believes It is time for the Arab world to tacitly embark on a "take it or it it" approach to the Palestinians on board, the source says, in which case the Palestinians do not necessarily get the capital in East Jerusalem, which they have been using for a long time or the kind of specific division of the city discussed in negotiations with various US authorities.

"This will be an economy-centered plan, with the political the element remains fairly open – as in the details and limits left to the parties, "the source said, outlining a plan that will survive. The diplomatic source added that the Israelis also expect them to make some concessions – it is just not clear what these concessions will be.

The expectation is that they will be settlements. However, according to the source, this is still bleak.

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won re-election in April, Kushner reportedly told the diplomat that they would be released in early June as soon as the Muslim month of Ramadan and the new month were over. The Israeli government was in place.

$ 30 to $ 40 billion

A second source of an allied US ally that affirmed the emphasis on the economy and the lack of a two-state element. said that the plan should now be presented in mid to late June. It will fulfill all security requirements of Israel, said this source, including an Israeli security presence in Palestinian territories, which would be demilitarized with the exception of the police; a right of intervention in these areas; and control over the borders of the Palestinian territories.

In return, the Palestinians would get "at least $ 30-40 billion, mostly Arab money, but also some from the US," said the source.

"If the Palestinians reject it, they might do what they could," said this source, the US will be "mostly silent by the Arabs."

One option, said this source, is to fail the plan to leave, which would allow the US to say they had no negotiating partner with the Palestinians. Thinking here, said this second source, is tied to American domestic politics. If the Palestinians reject the plan, Netanyahu could pursue the US declaration of Israeli control over the Golan Heights and advertise "more land," probably in the West Bank.

"Trump's victory will be an even greater Jewish election by more than 25 percent in 2020," the second source said.

US Home Affairs

The first source also acknowledged domestic policy at work, saying that Kushner's plan is not presented within the next few weeks, in a few weeks there is a possibility that it was not made at all because it is reluctant to deal with the issue in the middle of the presidential campaign.

"Our plan is a detailed and comprehensive vision of what peace could do." As it stands, the economic aspect supports the political aspect and the political aspect supports the economic aspect, and no economic plan would ever work if the parties enter into a political deal We know that, "a senior White House official told CNN

. "Obviousl It is up to them to reach an agreement and make some compromises, and our plan will be a comprehensive document that deals with all the key issues when they are ready to get involved," the official added.

Kushner is working on the initiative with a team that includes Jason Greenblatt, a former lawyer from the Trump organization, who is now an Israeli adviser, David Friedman, the US Ambassador to Israel, and Avi Berkowitz, an assistant from Kushner.

Kushner said Trump wants the group to "really try to solve this problem" When asked why, he said, "I do not think there's ever a perfect time for it," but they think "Now is a good time to bring something out." He said that Jerusalem is recognized as the capital of London Israel made its job "harder" but will contribute to a long-term peace agreement.

Kushner has not given details of the plan or its introduction.

"I think all our allies and partners will do this Be very well advised, and I think we can hopefully get people to make sure they can be as supportive as they can," he said, "The people who need to know know about it."

  US funding for Palestinians ends with security fears

Trump was "very involved" in the process Said Kushner about his father-in-law and added, "He's busy with the details … he's read many parts of it … he has not read the latest draft."

He added, "If you're for one Presidents work, try not to disappoint, but you can disappoint. If you work for your father-in-law, you can not disappoint. "

Kushner continued," I think I have found a good record of the various tasks he has given me: I have come back with results and come back with good advice, and I think that's something that I think he will be proud of this, I think that this will be a document that I think will stimulate debate on a tough topic. "The US," said Kushner not, but described the "leaky environment" in the Trump administration.

"Very proud"

"One thing I'm very proud of We have it in two years we managed to keep this very close. We had a leaky environment here in Washington where a lot of things leak out, but nothing is out of my team and nothing has gotten into this file and we are very proud of that, and that has built a lot of trust "from our colleagues," he said ,

Kushner was questioned about threats of Israeli annexation in the West Bank and said he had not discussed it with Netanyahu, adding, "I hope both sides will consider it carefully before any one-sided affair. Steps are taken."

He mistakenly referred to Israel and Palestine as "two countries."

"We are not in the rabbit hunt industry … Our job is to find a solution between the two" Two countries, "he said, comparing the tensions in the West Bank with" symptoms of a disease "and his plan" something Kushner also blamed Iran for the instability in Yemen and said: "The Yemen issue, I think, is more of an offshoot of the Iran issue, so I kind of put it in this one Question Ame Box Cause is really the main cause of what's happening there with the instability. "

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