Police say the Capital Gazette newspaper, which killed at least 5 people in Annapolis, Maryland, was "a targeted attack."

The suspect in the shooting of five persons at a Maryland newspaper planned the attack with a pump shotgun in front of him 1965 Jarrod W. Ramos, 38, who was identified with face recognition technology, is accused of opening fire on Thursday at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis. In addition to the deaths, two people were injured.

At a court hearing on Friday, District Judge Thomas Pryal ordered Ramos to be held without bail. "There is a certain likelihood that you are a danger," he said.

Timothy Altomare, police chief of Anne Arundel, said on Friday that police are still collecting evidence from the suspect's car found near the filming site and his apartment in Laurel. Police found planning material for the attack, however no manifesto that explained his reasons.

More than 300 city, district, state and federal officials responded to the incident, saying, "We still puzzle over pieces," Altomare told a Friday press conference. "We can not figure out why this person has done so. "

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This undated and unlocated handout photo of Anne Arundel police on June 28, 2018 shows Jarrod W. Ramos, the suspect in the Capital Gazette shooting. [Photo: HANDOUT, AFP / Getty Images]

Ramos was identified by facial recognition technology due to a delay in fingerprint identification, but reports of the suspect changing his fingertips are wrong, Altomare said.

We did not get any cooperation from the suspect, "he said.

The shooter hid rather than get into a shootout with the police, Altomare said, and the police arrived in about a minute cornered the shooter within another two minutes, he said.

"The guy was there to kill as many people as possible," Altomare said. "He did not run away, but he hid." The prosecutor, Wes Adams, the prosecutor of Anne Arundel's attorney, called Ramos a danger to society because of the evidence that he planned the attack carefully and barricaded the back door so victim could not escape and used "a tactical approach to Hunting and Shooting the Innocent People. "

" There was a victim trying to escape through the back door and being shot, "Adams said.

President Donald Trump said Friday: "This attack shook the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief. Like all Americans, journalists should be free from the fear of being violently attacked while they work.


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