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Jason Bateman "unbelievably embarrassing" after "mansplaining" to "Arrested Development" co-star Jessica Walter

(Back Series LR) Jeffrey Tambor, Jason Bateman, Tony Hale, David Cross (Front Row LR) Will Arnett, Alia Shawkat and Jessica Walter at New York City on May 21
, 2018. (Cindy Ord / Getty Images for SiriusXM

In movements like #MeToo and Time's Up, Hollywood is experiencing an era of change, and while a number of men in the industry have stepped up to support their fellow actors, a recent New York Times newspaper Interview with the predominantly male cast of "Arrested Development" some frustrated and discouraged.

And it went actor Jason Bateman tweeted a long apology on Thursday morning after he had made some of the comments to a counter-attack.

In the sometimes emotional Times interview before the fifth season debut of the sitcom, Jessica Walter, one of the stars of the series

Tambor, who opened because of allegations of sexual misconduct by "Tra nsparent, "earlier this month in an interview with Hollywood Reporter, admitted he was prone to outbreaks on the set. He specifically pointed to a "blow-up" with Walter and remarked that he "apologized profusely" thereafter. At this time, Walter declined to comment.

But when Walter addressed the topic alongside fellow combatants Tambor, Bateman, David Cross, Alia Shawkat, Tony Hale, and Will Arnett, many felt that their male counterparts were also eager to come to Tambor's defense.

The exchange started when Times reporter Sopan Deb told Tambor, "You even said once "They whipped out at -" and Walter cut off Deb and identified himself as the person who called Tambor out.

This prompted Bateman to say quickly that everyone on the show had shouted.

"Oh, you never shouted at me," Walter said, to which her on-screen son Bateman replied that he was not trying to "belittle what happened".

"But this is a family and families, you know, you have love, laugh arguments – again, not to belittle it, but a lot of stuff happens in 15 years," said Bateman. "I can say that no matter what anyone in this room ever did – and we all did a lot of things together, for each other, against each other – I would not trade it for the world and I have zero complaints."

David Cross, the Tobias Fünke plays, agreed and said that Tambor had "learned from experience".

"He listens and learns and grows," said Cross. "That's important to remember."

When asked if he would hire someone who would "routinely" yell at other people on the set, Tambor said he would "reckon" with that person's behavior, adding that he continued to negotiate with his own actions.

"I apologized profusely," he said. "Wife, Walter is indeed a walking acting lesson."

On the set of his other show, Tambor admitted that he was shouting at people and hurting their feelings, calling his behavior "unscrupulous."

Bateman spoke again in defense of Tambor. [19659018] "Again, so as not to belittle or excuse it, but in the entertainment industry it is unbelievably common to have people who are" difficult "in quotes," he said. "Because it's a very amorphous process, this type of [expletive] we do, you know by inventing false life, it's a strange thing and it's a breeding ground for atypical behavior, and certain people have certain processes." [19659018] Shawkat, the only other woman present, interrupted Bateman.

"But that does not mean it's acceptable." She said. "And the point is, things are changing and people have to respect each other."

At this point, Walter, who had begun to cry, spoke again. The tone of this part of the interview has been published.

"Let me just say one thing I've just noticed in this conversation," Walter said in a thick voice. "I have to let go, be mad at him, he never crossed the line in our show, with … anything sexual, verbal, yes, he molested me, but he apologized, I have to let it go . "

She turned to Tambor and said," And I have to give you a chance … to become friends again. "

Walter added," But it's hard, because honest, [Bateman] says, this is happening all the time, in almost 60 years of work, I've never had anyone to shout at me like that, and it's hard to deal with, but I'm over it now. "

Walter's co-stars dropped the Discussion does not end there.

Instead, Bateman, Cross and Tony Hale, who plays Walter's other on-screen son, all jumped in to defend Tambor.

Hale said everyone in the series had "moments" and there were "other outbursts" during the 15 years combined.

Cross added that Tambor's behavior "did not just come out of the blue," saying, "There is sometimes a cumulative effect."

Bateman went one step further.

"Not to say that you know [Walter] let it come," he said. "But that's not in a vacuum – families come together and certain dynamics collide and collide from time to time, and there are all sorts of things that flow into the stew, so it's a bit tight, that one particular thing, the attention from our show. "

Walter replied that Tambor was the one who made the incident public by talking about it to the Hollywood Reporter. She said she had "never talked about it."

On Twitter, people did not know how Walter was treated by their male performers and many expressed support for them.

HuffPost reporter Jennifer Bendery, called Walter a "tough, mature, graceful person" and criticized her co-stars for being "shockingly derogatory" about Tambor's actions.

Others, like the Daily Beast reporter Kevin Fallon, were surprised by how many At times, Walter was interrupted by people who downplayed their experience, forcing them to "clarify and repeat that no one ever spoke so unforgiveably to her as Jeffrey Tambor."

While the other attending men were criticized for their behavior towards Walter, Bateman appeared to provoke the greatest rejection of his Comments

Filmmaker April Wolfe tweeted that Bateman spoke "a little too much" and Shawkat "not enough".

A user called Bateman because he felt he should explain "how Showbusiness works "on Walter, a veteran actor.

Many felt that Bateman was interrupting Walter during the interview.

"I had to stop reading after Jason Bateman interrupted a crying 77-year-old woman saying that she overreacted, which took a whole room of people as abusive," tweeted the writer Kaitlin Menza .

Finally, Bateman apologized in a Tweets episode early Thursday morning He admitted that he had been wrong.

"It is incredibly embarrassing and I am very sorry that I did this to Jessica," he wrote. "This is a great learning moment for me, I should not have tried so hard to manifest or organize a fight or fix everything."

The fifth season of "Arrested Development" will premiere on May 29 at Netflix. addEventListener ("DOMContentLoaded", function () {});
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